A letter to Theresea May

  • Health, is a problem we all know – but not everyone knows the normative ((define term: Google) solutions.
    – So here are the solutions: change the nature of a structured, unproportionaly paid wage/salary (interesting mute point)) wages are by the hour, salaries are paid by the year. Both are for basic survival needs such : as food. And this one is imo a pretty particularly bad job, in terms of lifetime pursuit ((ur career is now so many hours of yr work , 8 hours if u got a nine to 5 so a 40 hour week) but yeah then in terms of boom; the healthcare “prescription/pharmaceutical reps) are : in my opinion a case of structure affecting agency, improperly structured economic systems ((eg commision/bonus negatively impacting one’s work ethic catered to selling more drugs not the right ones nor the ethically improved/appropeved or healthily competiting with other companies; bigger and smaller companies too – this point;ll be important soon bare with me) but yeah boom they basicall fuckin just have to churn the stuff into doctors that don’t really want em nor do they know if their products are rationally better for teh patients on the customer-care side of things. n TThat but yeah so what happens is a poorly structured ((and inflated, thus attractive ) wage when really, here are my , and my medic student friendss’, opinion.
    – so what can happen is this: instead of commision and a high asalary they get competition, fairly spread-informatio n, and genuine patient conerns for utility not bulk sales which were previously rewarded financially through afore mentioned commision.

    – So now what u have is a sales-rep who’s pretty humble, paid by the hour so argubaly less stressed (according to Rousseau Capitalism can and will generate emotive and human nature manifestations or responses) so like instead they just cater to genuine demand and not the current Neo-Liberal (contra)) injection of fuckin supply-led demand. Think about it. Thought it fthrough? Now what? So they’re paid like 27k a year and theyr’re getting a pool of scietnitst to DO THE PROPER JOB AND GET THE PROPER pay so now what u have is 1)) redistubtion of wealth, subtly and implicity, and then they can now GIVE TO THE SCIENTISTS the commision/extra-bonus financial incentive to do well, whcih is all commision is b, but basically b the thing is that its cool cah now they just do well and the “sales-reps” can just be “drugs reps” who give the good drugs to the relavnt areas and their screening/briefing can be plug the best amount into the best slot instead of “plug just one thing for just one company” ((this too could unfortunately be formed by a uninamous body like representing all pharmaceutical companies – manifesting in practice as something like a ‘IGO” coz its like A PHARMACEUTICAL-BOARD-OFHEALTH .. and htus its all good and scientists are getting the best drugs produced, doctors and medicine are left seperate from money and potentially pharmaceuticall-reps can get peace of mind, improved quality of life, longer appointments with doctors, and not the stress of tenure of labour nor immorally plugging big bulk low utility things for the sake of appeasing their job-industry structures, bosses and pay hierarchy.

    Publically regulated body: Thus pubkic-sector jobs
    – and employment ensuring ALL companies offer wide-varities of scietnifcally backed up stuff like for anti-hystemene and sold at a lower quantity to save money in the public sector, less pressureised salses tactics, nd like an impact on society/the NHS healthcare industry
    Cool. Now that switches up and is relatively resourceful and revolutionary. Vive la slow and gradual progress.

    pretty good right? FUCK JEREMY HUNT AKA CUNT

    – K.R. matee

    Sopeaking of which could be enacted by a two pronged approach of private scetor to sort ish uot and the public sector slow but natural change, legislative FUCKIN change.