Once i’ve ‘m ((Given to charity, wrapped up and “untied” the knots in my karma” I will just louze/lounge about creating. I’m talking drawing, singing and shit, fucking, shitting, and just drawing tbh on some real hippy shit. Don’t observe either. Coz electrons behave differently when u watch them, and “Kurt Kobain even died coz u scrutinise” media/public scrutiny really can drive u “bat-shit” crazy.. so take it easy mane.. Just fucking appreciate what someone’s doing and go head get ur own, even if u don’t get the angle at first.. that’s good that just shows they’re literally just creating a new future, for themselves and their family, coz see all ((good) progressive politics is artificial: it is merely in the heads, minds, hearts, spirits, and souls of those who possess/imagine it up. So what makes that come to fruition? Action.. Steve Jobs used to say, God rest his soul, “Those who are crazy enough to BELIEVE they can change the world.. are the ones who will”.

And, don’t be deterred by those “old heads” who say ah “you’re young.. u still think this” or “just wait till u grow up” u’ll see. Na b, true optimism and enacting changes, takes VISION. ANd equal parts stuborness as unorthodox, DONT GROW UP ITS A TRAP. Yeah sure maybe if u travers life like them and have “their” mindframe u will become/grow ((ironically, negatively) into a old pessimist with no energy. BUT if u do it ur way, and have ur own measureable terms, and ur chosen battle : e.g. connectivity, or my own faviourite ((again, ironically) poverty. And global injustice add in soon. THen cool hyeah u could do it. E.g. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook (which many people shat on and said wouldn’t work) well HE can die a happy man coz he’s kept millions, mahybe even billions of people connected, well, for their 100 year lifespan – like me , and my step ((basically blood) – brother in Bangladesh, and all my cousins.

– I just wanna do nothing, but create into the Zeitgeist and help people, comfortably..

– And, unfortunately in this, within this economic mode of production, that takes money ; so in the words of Conor Mcregor I ust wanna “make money and get out”.

I can see the stars

A true man has walked alongside Kings, but still has the tongue of the common man;;