Caught in a Trance

First off I’d like to apologize for my extensive break on publishing anything on this blog. That’s my bad and hopefully the next time I take a break it won’t be nearly as long. I’d also like to thank my partner in crime on this blog for continuing to post in my absence to keep you all returning here for new content. So without further ado, I’ll get right into it haha.

I used to find it interesting that if I really (and I mean REALLY) relaxed, I could truly find myself in somewhat of a trance state. It was something that surprised me in that before I was able to key into such a state, I though it was all hocus pocus hogwash that should’ve just been disregarded. See I’m not the type that’s going to stand up on my little soap box and preach about the benefits of sitting there meditating but I will talk about what it should been seen as relative to the negative stigmas that it usually carries.

I’d like to first begin with saying that this isn’t some drug fueled rant about dropping shrooms and mellowing out but actually bringing yourself to a euphoric state without any chemical enhancers or inebriates. I’d also like to note that I’m not typically very anxious so if you the reader are, I’m afraid to say I don’t know how to help getting past the anxiety in order to really calm yourself down.

Typically if I’m trying to relax, I’ll find a nice quiet place and lie down. I’ll try to make myself as initially comfortable as possible by making sure that I don’t have any part of me bent or lying in a position that over time would get uncomfortable. Once I’ve done that, the next part is the most tedious and difficult part to get right but once you’ve got the hang of it is rather easy. If you look up articles on self-hypnosis, often times things are said about feeling the weight of your body in different areas which is great for relaxing anyways. For instance, if you start telling yourself to feel your head push into the ground as it feels like a large bag of sand, you’ll start to perceive the weight of your head to be heavier and heavier. Basically what you’d need to do is form a routine by which you convince yourself that you’re getting heavier and heavier as you work your way around your body until you’re convinced you’re pressed to the ground with the goal of feeling so heavy that you can’t lift a single part of you. Eventually you should arrive at a point where you’re really only within your own head (so to speak) and from this point on the main focus should be just to stay awake hahaha. Throughout the whole relaxation period, you’re your own coach. You get yourself to relax and once you’ve made it to within your own mind, you guide your thoughts from there. The most I’ve managed was to emulate a feeling of weightlessness (ironically) and then onto a feeling of floating up into the air and out the window into the sky above. I know what you’re saying to yourself, “Well that’s it, he’s finally cracked,” but I can assure you that all of this stuff is basically just really advanced daydreaming is all. It’s basically conscious dreaming where the difference between lucid dreaming and this lies in the fact that you make sure that you don’t go to sleep to achieve this effect (lucid dreaming, though it gives off a much stronger sensation, is much more difficult to get the hang of anyways and you actually have to go to sleep haha).

Another great alternative which really helps me to relax when I only have a little while to chill out is to find an album that is quite calming for the most part and to go outside to a place where I can lie down. I get into a comfortable position and look for a focal point out in the distance just about as far as my horizon allows me. Now I’m not suggesting to stare at this point but try not to let your vision drift and after just a little while, your vision will start to focus solely on what you’re attentive to and all of the rest of your surroundings will start to fade around you.

So why am I stating any of this? Why does any of this matter? Well in keeping with my life mantra of making sure to stop and smell the roses to really appreciate what’s around me, this also can allow me to do this while also taking a bit of a personal journey (especially the former strategy as I am my own coach to relaxation). It’s also very soothing to be able to help yourself reach these points rather than someone else as not only do you feel accomplished that you have the power to do this to yourself but I feel like there’s another level of comfort there relaxing to your own internal monologue. No matter what it takes, we all have our own beasts to quell and relaxation is one of the tools we can rely on to better prepare ourselves for our daily battles.

I thank you all for giving this a moment to read and any inquiries can be directed to

Love yourself so that you may love others. Thank you.