Depending on you’re relationship with God.. whether you be close to him or not, can and will, determine your peace. Undo the knots of your karma. This is subjective, and thus therefore only YOU will really know what u will have to do to right a wrong .. for .. example if you set someone’s house on fire in an creuel act of vengenance/what u deemed/perceived what get you ‘revenge’ but would actually only bring more suffering to more lives, and was an easier” way out than conceiving /accepting ‘forgiveness’ I FORGIVE U. GOD BLESS U TOO. And then, to rectify that, one may, or must ((depending on how you look at it.. #Perception) spend the rest of their relatively short life -span/expectancy being a fireman – to right that particular wrong. Cool.

Then there is imperfect, in this world, and perfect ((in heaven) peace. Both forms of peace are anti-movement.

Burn out ur desires – /ambitions/and normative aspirations, – before ur desires burn u out.

Plan. Create. Make ideas. Make strategies. Live strategically/tactically and at peace with ur fellow man and women. E.g. treat others how you would like to be treated.. and don’t ask anyone to do anything u wouldn’t do.