• Learn from ur mistakes, an ur elders mistakes”/ Cah each generation should HOPE N THRIVE FOR THE BETTERING OF THE NEXT GENERATION. . coz im a conscientious rational being i dont want any1 else to go through the bad things i have seen and empathise, and know from subjective personal experience which shapes our lives n thoughts ((or can do pendent on what u llow)) n also fuckin ..
    Dont want them to objectively see what i saw coz it messed me up so goodwill passionate bleedheart socialism dictateS me to fuckin not wish it upon my enemy but push for historical progress of poor, but relative poor n can never Step pon same river twice so theyh now better than i was and there’s/ No looikin back g
  • Money ain’t everything, unless u have not got it.
    – a starving man or woman is not free coz they;re basically not even free, nor rational actors so this NEGATIVELY POSITIVELY choose 1 impinges upon their morals and choices because it is scientifically proven ((Good link – we are going to fuckin g need a coalition /collaboration or hybridity between sciences and arts for the sake of the future, humanity) that people who be hungry dont be working so well
    – Also passion trumps most, jobs /careers should be societally beneficial (e.g. stackin up in sainsburys helps other people feed their family, get nutrition, eat right n lvie well for less)) marketing. Cool, so find the good and run with it.
    \eStates are the last imperfection in the Western world.
    N they stand out like a blemish but we should never judge us/them cah should just merely empathise “i seen some nonsense that messed u my consciounce” and killings/witnessing things from a young age is wrong and enough to deter even the rbightest n best from career prospects so fuck u . Dont IMPERIALLY come in and try make things betetr. Embrace therir culture and helP BY MAKING A JOB. where there’s a will there’s a way. give ice cream n books build libraries. Build new housing which is ethnically diverse: not built in a circel. Spread out n has space in mind. Throw a couple affluent pepole in to be a good influence? D-low shit mane
  • Treat others how ud treat urself
  • everything u say or do ethically should be able to be a universal maxim. eg. i would ‘”like’ to smoke weed everyday but it negatively affects my mood and in turn those around me so it’s empirically wrong. And objectively, it could not be a universal maxim for those anti-drugs or those who cant afford it like me so thus it ((afoord = be able to comfortable buy it twice) hence it cannot be applied to everyone. And may make others feel comparitively orse about their quality of life .
    Do NOT EATT CAVIER eg. spend the same amount of money but get chocolate becuase WHEN MAN OR WOMAN TRIES SOMETHING THEY DO NOT WANT IT ONCE THEY WANT IT AGAIN AND AGAIN so sate ur appetite by not going too far out ur culinary comfort zone and inequality shall be remedied when we all become more centrist and DONT BUY TOO MUCH INTO SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS like money and foood they make others and you feel bad or addicted so get chocolate or dominoes so others can feasably aspire to be like u , n actually do it. SPend the money u save on charities , gifts, or NGOs.
  • Viva la revolution fuck time constraints.
  • General will: action , INVOLVING COMPRIMISE which is best for everyone in the room, but not catering to any 1 person in the room
  • Spend proportionately! IF U SPEND !)) POUNDS ON URSELF SPEND 50 ON UR MUM U ICKLE YOUT. n vice versa et like 10 on getting fucked up 10 on ur girlfrrieend n give to charity so ur not over-indulging shallow pursuits.