ram gets to see coolio stuff on my album the n charity gardening basketball love god maintain ehtically cruise ethically.. charity cruising and maintiang supervise maintian charity gardening basketball sport gym love god 2 albums 1 phone 24 25

stay the hero. pacificist.. then dead.. for god god god god

maintain.. justl ook after and supervise other peoples emotinos and supply demand.. thats it.. big moments later in life for after retiring….

cruise.. after 22 .. ur hard d works done enjoy it its like a cictory lap ensuring other people learn ur rules and that they are successful whicle u maintain and feed ur family. cruise control on supervise teach em rules n discipline n maintian ur n their emotions. teach em discipline self belief health care.. thats it feed ur family maintain teach them how to be successful n pray for them supervise them supervise them u n ur familyies emotions work becomes like extended family feed ur family supervise thir emotions teach rles follow rulles pray maintain cruise n then die.. just wake up ery morning n help one person a da .y.. . chil. .. . .