mns mds n oysters card s 25 h ch sf ch sf h outfits 2 coats 2 polos done done done oned jumpers jumpers ch hc chsh hsfh shf monday hwhw hwh hw n wh whh wti ll l25 he he heeh

memories 2 outsifts polos coats polost coats brands positivty ch l l l hc hsl lfs llll he heh eh e



amen amen ame n amen am en am en


nana an


m eth


n memories once had 200 in my bank account bought a bike for 200/19 0 think 200 yeah 200.. then made 350 off one week deliveroo quit. kept bike .. sh of anyway.. and 150 profit.. more sex more food.. ch sf ch sf more food ch chch ch c hch m eth quite pl 2 outfist polos coats coast 2 coats 2 coast ch sf hch sf 2 polos amen am en all of us done doen planend prepared honest organised moral ethical helper s helpers




n memories praying


n memoreis


swung a chandelier girl said shed bottled me if i did it again did it one more time to piss her off then never again never again








and bd quad bikes

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