only need .. low interest rates.. n s 10 s 40.. over 3 years and help those with bad health (AMF __) then free market work and supply demand libertarian pursuit of freedom and a good life (HUMAN RIGHTS ACT UN) give baba a thousand 1000 work really hard wake up every day dont smoke for 2 years have nathan kieran over 25 september

nike af1s snude b tie b pocket sq


and marvel spidermans


thats my grand n w hwhw 35s 1 a month x 3


etc etc


change on nandos mns n pizza dominoes sainsburys


stretch money


6 he he ch sf he work ch sf whe he work


libertarian with a heart


help ill cloth neaked and feed hungry then get a job n help urself my generation was hand ups not hadn outs ]



[ 6



emergency stuff only 2 tkes here though joe basketball tomorrow and win e and beer with claudia and byron etc


nandos mainly


cheap 14 chicken


cook at home


1 baba


1 shoes and burgundy


ur generation can be help self achieve things brilliantly too

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