watford hotel.

i see i must stay at home till i die now .


then like chuckie go off find a place in watford and die


died having married katie and given a lot to charity


she left me a month b4 i die d and i dont blame her


but i do still visit family till i die


her il see HER in heaven HEAVEN EARTH US FAMILY


chant and be happy


nigga i talk in tongues


i was a slave to god my whole life


since i was saved and that i never had a day off


none are righteous but i never intentionally did a bad thing ever in my life


dispel the rumours tellthem how im in heaven and how i gave to charity and talked kindley and optimistically for as long as i could



i hope theyre happy when i die.. coz i did everything in my life i wanted to.

i gave a lot to charity.. and thats all u should remember..

help people

help the living coz the dead are happy when God takes us were at peace u still have a mission to help many

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