people must be free

freedom with a condition: help people


free as long as no1 else hurt


u have ur own obligations


help people stay united


theres a comma in there


be wise


read a lott


when u reach earl enlightenment just go to the gym everyday including sunday but on sunday do only a few sets its a day of rest not nothingness


in heaven theeres close to flying sex food


close to


and its all eternal


sharing energy wwith one another


eternally forever and ever







i am one of ur angels


give to charity


follow gut always


even if its uncomfortabel










charity givers


He just calls us helpers


all of us



there are some people from hell.. they are made of fire avoid them. dont worry u will never meet them only reead about them.. written from heaven near enough.. tap in to u r outer plane energy.. listen to nba younggboy na astro naut kid.







theyre a test.. pass it and show u can do good teaching and sport journalism


and that work love charity sex food Heaven Earth helping people kindness never ever end

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