p p protected. To me life is like a sport

that little hug n well done proud of u is what i do it for


straight up


and yeah traumatised in the past coz 1) i once got brain at a house party from a fat chick so now someteimes when im bout to have sex with or shag a peng ting i think ah fuck i hope she’s good looking and worry


but sex to me is pleasureable and close to a divine pleasure and im luccky to have biin with some fine ass women


thank u


thank u god ch family parents fo r that,


interesting rambles




on god


on good ness


and then yeah dont like people talking so i talk less


dont like current urban ish so changed it::


i can be very hari / moan y sometmes


find space


will way


where there’s a will there’s a way


update it


WEED DIARIES 1: played some basketball today (alittlelonger and have fun if they have fun)

new playlists take more time






urban to me : is so coolio : (gangster’s paradise, i personally don’t / do not fear death or nothing


i work on everything


and everyone


and every1 has potential


no smoke on coat


no flies on me type shit




no homo btu jordan (j muz) was always a good looking lad and coolio dress sense so me as a ner d wanted to work on that


now im getting girl s and playing basketball too



beatuful world


give em some eggssandwiches


careful what u wish for


careful what u believe


vaporiser batter y soon





good people deep down


a hoodie yob whatever still has a beating heart.. . .


fair fair






mine tomorrow




then 0.5




gofunner to give


urban to me was (and to an extent is still but it is still evolving) hard working, well dressed  , passionate, modest (bats things off)





and now future: more cooking


  • keys
  • vaporiser battery
  • full suit jacket and trousers and waistcoat 100
  • 10er a day to myself after baba 200
  • 1000 paid dont owe u nothing but love thanks to god
  • thank u thank u
  • rnb n ting go
  • go
  • not a stereotype
  • white boys can jump
  • call bullshit
  • well dressed

non smoker basketballer


urban relaxed





in family


businessman or woman etc


just shares more than ur average person








update go








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