tyty helpfirst.. help forever.. teach first.. teach forever, , fair fiar

balance the world


– publish this


sin happens but god give s u enogh strngth to over come it


no cheating


overcome it


help the world


make the world a better




i would rather die than not succeed


helped a lot of people


had to die early coz too sensitive to see bad things


so careful media diet n long life




stw m it b p s of n ideas in my mind n then go . .go . .true .. true .. vision gvision .. . . . so .. so .. goog go og.. . . n then .. pa nalysis .. eccentric. .eccentirc.. w travel goo. ..tftffttfh h ty f f goo ty ty goo goos c s c g g g g gt yty ytt goo goo g g gg oo okn i c offer w mroe sh n e b d l t . .got ..it . .got it . .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWU6tUISG9w


help bob get a job


help sam


help ina


help krish

where the m is








h share


no ai its a servcie so good good


int t for t days







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