slow to solutions

just meet sexual desires


ethically and cheaply


health trvel


and then no young stuff clear mind 900 n then jj etc done eat out m n then go v steve in m first s ben lpool bl brudda in p instagram p bape sh na collectors coolio and then yea hchill buy spray cans spray bw when 25 26ish no inv in that inv in suits shirt s ties


waste not want not

investements chill: im a taeacher l bit creative mic

cheapeast as possbible education and shit amreicans us cnadians taught us basketball be grateful


white people in england gave us gay rights etc with david cameron and liberalism


americans taught us dont give too  m of a fuck brits taught us be moral

politicisation of us


old country etc


think about it charity


no xeonopohobia trmp nation states are socially constructed earth was just earth than man named it america


and thats why earth for sharing not invading


all share for






technology brand nation state


main thing diverse inside all just people


human beings


democracy rfree press good


cool vent


and then





sleep weell without weed man



wake up early teach kids best


full days


and then some


wake up late is like 12


perspective back

god praying


slow soltuinsons


ethicall cheap sexual deisres


only 3 years girls kke natialie then katie


psray cans tieas sprat amasmsmasm cans ties




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