be gentlee with it withe some stuff monk . ahs bad day too . but bad day apss . .. . … .. .DO SOME THING BETTER FRIENDS WELL ALLOWED TAHT ONCE A WEEK N THEN CHILL SLEEP MESSAGE HIM

if u havent got anything nice to say say snotnhing at all

get wha t u  give gice silecne n respect

thats alright i forgie u nice w

thnak u

n yeah

1k in ovedraft as a student of course

styele gti itg tiout

lvoe kirsh chill comfortable no talking coz i dont and all gottta live here

was only gone 34 motnhs

earn reaspcet shoes for abba chill good settings fgoogf d footing

no fgf talk quiet haricut chrismats

yeah talk

then chill

beating heart

knew this would come iup

tnot too intelligent roateate


hari come on man remememebr ur roots a little an and wear nsome nice shit when ur enin ends

ah na fair enough hes posh now hes gorw n hes gjsut gnoe

no competition
cheap hcist overdarft younger

cnat rap as well as thenM

keeeps me prortect


And god

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