Jamerson’s story

  • Jamerson’s an alocholic. So you can already tell, this is a short story (short but enjoyable story).
  • Jamerson, like everybody has a story, Jamerson’s friend once heard Plato say (write) that “everyone has a battle going on, inside them, so be kind” init.
  • Jamerson knew that he should just punch walls and pillows if and when he felt violent and “get it out of his system” and be good and be cathartic init.
  • Jamerson knew a couple poets that were just looking for love, true love.
  • And then Jamerson also knew that he had his things going for him like he was a sick “army lad” but he didn’t really know many people of ethnic backgrounds: he didn’t really know many people – u see there’s sheltered people, and then there’s ethnic minority people – but we’re all just people and that. And yeah, u ever think about why Jamerson, a young white male, didnt come across many young ethnic women or men? Coz since this little known thing since postcolonialism (which jamerson knew about OF COURSE – but just – like a lot of people at his time didnt quite link up that coz of that other people’s ancestors had to then build up their societies: education and in this system or capitalism in which he found himself in, though the light through the cracks was and still is shining in, it meant if u were rich u passed on knowledge and hid it to yourself coz u judged others assuming they didnt try to get education instead of knowing the history of WHY they need education and property.
    not too political not too dogmatic
  • and now, He Jamerson (shakespearan) also knew that all that was needed was humanity: we were not different races we were different breeds: there is one human race one human species (but as with dogs, dawg, we the same species just slightly different breeds) and everyone got different things going for them: he (jamerson’s friend) got the beats, but need not be jealous the weak emotion, Jamerson had the gym: jamerson could do 10 pull ups where they could not and they could listen to tunes where he could not.
  • but, However. Shocking grammar coz of state schools init. Over crowded classrooms monetised (our, and ) Jamerson’s era but it was the best era to date – the Who – talking about my generation anyone? Jamerson also believed girls should stop calling other girls sluts so they could all have sex more – but he was partly wrong.
  • stay woke, jamerson’s friends liked these kind of phrases and a love all revolution. He thought that was a bit hippyish, but through empathy and realising sometimes mental health can sometimes lead or come from a difficult life and upbrining coz of socio-economic times and he know learned to like the phrase, that phrase, that mentality – whatever u want to call it init – it helped him and by extenidng this kindness to his fellow man or woman he could progress with out gettting jealous of the new ethnic minorities in hampstead : he could realise that everyone just wanted to eat and have sex (SEX AND EAT??! ON EARTH AS??! IT IS IN HEAVEN), and that was all he wanted to do too. Late ams post this.
  • cjarshokkmkkjkjho.osdl
  • and then so what happened was, Jamerson had his own problems too. Jamerson drank every night, just so he could sleep a little easier


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