And trust

if she single she can sleep around but cherish ur leggs god ade them closed for a reason

– careful who you open youre legs up to soul ties spirit ties
and good guys

and good time

and yeah some restraint


some fun


and some micheviousness but not much weed always worried about mental health so bun less


always worried about hurting girls so drank less


and alawasy was poor so spent less


and was tekky with my money



and had a judas so never again


never cheat or do dirty or do dirty on your friends

0-k- and seperate


business and friends dont mix so no pictures of line 2 and

girl and business dont mix so no holidays alone

and she not in then we can THEN we can smoke



eaint a way make a way

and no cheating no anal no leaving friends if its too hard i means t i need o ok do me k more

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