and i ve got to trust them and trust god

and how to do no eveil

Shaere something you love with her

and share everything with her thats intimcayand the deepest darkest conners of my life with my life partener and it makes sesne and i prewardned her im samessed aup and hses messed up too learning

how did you get so mature and that

how do you treat everyne differenly and that

hwo do you remain pure

when you were young wheat were the stuf fyou said iud never do

like every one said no drugs and no smoking and then you pick 2

kike aalcohol

henny and weed cloeser than biggeie and pac

and bonnie and clide

and childhood friend ive had forever and yes we argue but i always watn to and we always see it through

and boonie and lcide

and always good coz i want to and we will

Sepak it gucci betl and a hous

and were freidns foever

that is nt in my vocabulary or hers

and so good and 28 and good lad and good girl and good lad and good girl and good lad and good girl

and how d o your treat eveyrone so different and obvously aeveryone said no alcohol and or drugs but then peers pressure and now its no calss as

ano class as

and nbrain functon and now its also no this that how do u treat everyone so qual

and what did u say ud never do when u were youner

never switch up on ur niggers never lie again and niggas nand niggas with attideud and always get lcohtes but always save again

and no a no c and no disloyalty and n c n o a and l o

ok and good man

good men and women arent born theyre formed rules thaer

se no eveil and remember what u said when u were young MORALS


and no smojing..x

and no anal

and no licking her out
and no cheating on her =




ADN GOOD MORALS ===========

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