How to live a (marginally) more normal life

see the thing is im not normal though

but cool rule number 1) TALK

Rule number 1) SHARE
Rule number 2) Pay ur dues (bananaass,, bread , toilet roll
rulle number 3) ur hsouldnt have less fun coz theyre workign but when ur working u dont like fun: dont stop shining coz it hurts someone elses eyes but do do ur own thing and reduce and mnitigate

Rule 6t) people put up with you

Rule 7) wirite it down
Rule 8 ) relf reflection is good but ur problems arent that huge and owther people have some problems too

Fasting holy month

warmer col winter months

Understand homeless people

Tables turn so work while they learn earn they earn high too

Pray we all get loads of holidays im sorry but im an artist its like this i need it for creativity but u need it too im gonna help u get this

Ram 60 pounds

kuttle things

save up dont go homeless

Save money in

no crips no chips no water

got everything i need at home not luxury fuck it everyone needs to eat then trackies

earn more spend less just coz earn more doesnt mean shit

keep expenditure low and not higher than that of our peers

especially ehen im not working so let me just stit still that reuqires no enegregy or no money

addicted to the next thing how bout wait



midi d cool jobs producer signer songerwiteire

ram environemtnal lawyer


2 hours


krish creative and environement all lawyer hard worker s work hard consistently im learning

another 1


back biceps and legs calves triceps

shoulders light back

cool deelltss upper back did none

legs calves structured day

cool relax. holidays job august wanna go birmingham and haircut

so save up . dont have to run to zero thats not how rainggy days work



crack on

part time job weekend ideal

sometimes some people life just goes there their way for a bit tinie tempah sorry

Gragft together thogh

they teach me get a job

get my own keys

get smoe order

keys 30 haircut 15

eating out bare 10

20 at this rate

so chill

100 left bare minimum savings add up deliveroo soon


then oom


money jobs eye on prize

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