Give it time

Sunny days. THey remind me of the mother/fatherland Bangladesh. Good thing really coz with memories u associate em with 1 thing , o more if its a bad thing associate it with tsmmoething new so instead of opps in london summertime i cnofrtont the featr and repaace it with nice hot weather in bangladesh with the family. OTF.
Relationshios are long and uall ur chips must be stacked and restacked like poker when some are down build em up or focus on others wirght now relationshops are getting me down so im enojouying some healthy escapsim in the frm of work. And weed i miss her i miss weedy


  • cool so boom. Basically, what one must do is give it time and let us (the poror , the thical , the ones not badly socialised, each  genegration gets better just look at pacificism ghandi and veganism morals ethics culture. CCool so music blog clothing. messages. keep goin on. nobody said it would be easy. we straight get ur money straight. lets get this clear though i had performance anxiety and that sucks straight closet lool my little brother was gay i still love him he still human my girl had a ex who was bi  ilove the lgbt community but like many heterosexual males its a bit weird offputing to think of so dont think of that just think of them as human cool so boom.
  • now also society never steps back i got bottled but wounds heal.
  • the future can be good make stacks save it back get a girl get a job get stability avoid temptationn cget control dont drink to get drunk too much its destructive dont smoke to get fucked up too much its destructive. medication GPS that the next step to mental health. if u survived any form of mental health issues i salute u for its a batlle every day its the chemeical s of our brain its genetics its science. im scared of the future and moving in with her but trusat is a categorical imperative (IF U DO IT THEN THE RELATIONSHOP SUCCEEDS) there;s no two way about it u just gotta do it.

pay ur taxes give to the welfare state


give to charity rebalance the playing firled


get everyone having so much money that we dont need to woorrry about moneyy

come a long way


love and endorse anything that is against the norm

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