I HAVE TO MARRY HER at least once if we get divorced we get divorced I HAVE TO BANG HER FIRST lIE VE LIFE THE WAY I WANT TO

bang katie for a bit my fgirlfriends but my brother’s keepre too.

LIFE LOVE AND DEATH. cool so b3efore i die katie rebecca gay rights activist.my bestfriend my good friends hood rights.


fuck her for a bit but were just friends


first time pursue her hey hows it going


second time yo proposol ocd


third time bang and get happy have kids.not so serious

if u love two people choose the one u love most and live the life the way u want to live it not the way others say it should be done
ont get too attached to the wrong gf ones

No Smoking

Policy. Basically, ur not helping ur friends by sharing cigarettes with them it hurts& ur form ing an addiction. Prevention is better than cure so save ur wallet and your lungs dont start em young. watch ur influences “” too healthy  for that (basketball player) cardio” or “too broke for them”




Yeah, i wanted to do a interview for biin wavey. But i didnt know why? If u like something, or love smoething/ have a passion for it scratch that love it. Then u pursue it.

diesel fly shitt cool free and for sale only 17.99 limited stock. cool would really apppprectiate it

I had a lot a enemies so my past was lke a nightmare to my future. Solution: dont make enemies and believe in the future. What u do yestterday fdont technically determine today . Arguments against this argument are chemical composition of the brain and psychology. But notnthe. I dont limit myself that much and im bout to give to charity to a business. nad mnice myself for next year for savings for being a sensible guy.

Patience: i feear that coz of the gfuture, and seeing death and bullying in my past that one may not be poromoised tomorrow? That is bullshit i made it through every bad day. Conquereing my mind so I like my past . Skethcy though. . Biin wavey what i stand for: the past dont have to be the prerequisite for the future nor determine, or create the future teacher businessman. Ruralisation: just plan it create it then do that shit. I find doing hard without exagerating or psyucjhologically worrying and then boom just do it allow it allow me .

its a beautiful world if u make it yours.

So our past cool fuck it move on: be moral.. Love jehr love yourz redistribute wealth some areas of lifea re a mission but not every other nut nut

Work tomorrow

May not never invent a flying car but necessity i the mother of invention so maybe we not rich enough to be curious enough to invent, try it spawn some ideas for the cultural zeitgeist and then pool resources with friends/ get a rich altruisitc inventor. or investor with access to opportunities and resource s capitalism is currently not allocating resource evely s or faily snakes in the grass so si gvie to bangladsh and invest or endorse what the hood does.

People io look up to. The ogs of my area they always hold it down and na

Cool bad friends gone good ones left.

Cool growth. I did wrong. I forgave myselfand boom insta

Tired but horny but cool. Not functioning as well as i could but chemicals need me the way i should. addict life cool but

Not gonna invent a flying car not gonna go to avatar . cant have it all


On the outside: the periphery

Ur sole goal for tomorrow should be to be happy. But u know we got shit to do, responsibilites , commimtemnets i think theyre all horse shit fuck  a to do list not everyday

People have limiting belief systems. So fuck them>

Sleep well but not always just to prepare urself for work.

DAYs of work suits, wee

Cooking. DOnt leave ur family.

SAve up but dont overdo it

My own clock.

Make rent dont fuck around cant live in or get shelter from a slazenger top

Come a long way and got a long way to go

The system is a system because it works for u too

U hate the system? yeah it has problems but like everything it it also has positives:
Work hard
Dont hate it or ul be miserable u have a choice to behave better and money dont rule morality, kindness, respeting people or listening.
Work hard CApitalism does incentive and reward hard work
Dont tark too much
Be happy be grateful
Be friendly
Be a nice guy and a businessman
Sell stuff
Save money show discipline show why u deserve money
Innovative ideas
Dont hate the sytstem for then u act against it too much > run with thngs.. go with the flow ur not forced to do anything by hating the sytem ur taking it out on urself
Unethical hedonism/