Subversive kid

Im sorry. This is what I , who hold myself to sometimes (too) high standards, would call a bad blog post. My communication is badly affected, im concussed cah i got hit by some shit and its annoying fam. I feel angry, powerless. I empathise with the downtrodden. Coz i am one. Damn, it feels like im unemployed in my university holidays as i look at a screen all day even my little bro gets n to me for it.

but its, cool. Theres many outlets now. Damn, i want dominos. but ocol boom. I dont feel powerful less im chasing girls, gettting rejections (some) , being a hippy bangladeshi scotland, ish person who helps people, moves booky, still wears trackies, depth of charater see b identity is layered and u never forget the past ort who u areBeautiufl women and eddie huang are all that’s helping me righrt now.

I fuck with full focused though.

And try to express myslef.

Helpless aint good but just wait till i get my business.

EVeryONE ERY needs something to lok forward to. Or someone.

Boom, sunday don, Monday back in SCotland im travelling around missing her from two different places. lcoations. i feel like i constatnyl have to rememerb everything coz i had a rough past and frued said i gotta learn from that shit. I di d. Treats.


Swag. I used to be the dickhead guy with the nice garms. now i see a nice guy with dead nicest garms and it made e feel weak. But its cool judge a man on what hes done like give to amf centrepoint help the education education higher eduation university culture.

And then keep it. moving.

And also realise depth of pocket aint depth of character and loudest mand in room is of ten weakest they could be throwing money on clothes to hide insecurites. but let em live wish em the best. i cant compete . i just wanta house food kids. and be cool with everyone.Dont be jealous happy for him but hope he know and or can get interior internal happiness not just external felt a bit sorry. But ill be back on my feet soon . With essays.


keep it moving.


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