Regress to progress

Understand this, when they say hapiness is internal – they aint lying.
Buying external things wont bring u happiness. This, I believe is running from content – when ur internal dynamics cool u dont really need nothing & u can get/seek ur dopamine rush from something less corrupt than clothes n money n shit. U can save, and u can play sport. Different levels for different folks
Master ur mind through labelling emotions.
This too shall pass, u cant feel one emotion forever and ur brain needs time to process events and emotions. They tried it but na we stay winning.
The world still turns.

So content I say is through cherishing relationships, and being happy with what u have got. And what u have escaped too: there is always someone worse off,

And so too there is someone better off. come to terms with it. play ur position what is ur unique gift. what do u bring to the table. not everythign is for everyone so dont focus on ur weakness a team is made of a striker and a defender the striker may get most of the publics credit (but they dont play for the applause, or even the crowd. They play for intrinsic value of scoring good goals, unconditionally, being good at their specific job, playing their position, not doing too much, and doing it for the whole team). so the defender is still just as valid a part as the team

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