Everything I need (food, water shelter) is being provided for

by the grace of God.
what’s a blessing if u dont count it. Love my food u na

Home cooked meals theyre cheaper

Couldnt afford kfc so i became a better chef than those at kfc

Instagram posts:
CHEF: netural cool good.Not too impulsive encourages people to cook at home
U dumb. #spices #naturalingredients
Healthy. Salad this that
Shop smarter
– They want oysters i want card money.. but na too much so dont ddo it stay in
Biin Wavey done less is more man
Happiness comes from within twitter ting.

Redistribute wealth (AMF receipt)
Make smarter decisions u always have a choice #agency #structure im not doing it for u lol
if ur reading this its probably not for u
sorry gotta stick my flg to that mask coz im not talking to no poshos in st andrews only my people back home

Hold her hair back when she’s throwing up

Work on the working first psychologically and economic management and key words
Look up question culture
Help culture
God = morals. Ethics Utilitarianism explored interest support local business already done.

Support network. Love

Dont leave people


Movies are better with two, social spend alright(ish)

Just not for now we’re all on different phases.
Love yourz last one after

Take ur dad to the library at uni. Share ur course with him. Different priorities

Open & (relatively) honest
Same dose.

Once u get something u gone want it again so limit ur desires. Tamed passions


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