Rather use than fame

Culture?. Food?. Chips n chees. Chicken wings (nandos, or sams/zams if u know ;)) Id travel twenty minutes just to get those wings.

Not everyday bossman, sometimes sainsburys. #SaveMoney ‘*Roll safe meme insert*
– Meek Mill. Yall dont really here me.
– Potter Payper (link up tv behind bars if u ask me)
Not too much simple no choices.

Have good recommendations. Back ur mates. Have ur mates corner. My brother’s keeper/

Rubican mango. But only very rarely. And as afore mentioned go sainsburys buy big tub. Put into bottles of water. Done invested once and saved on future buys. U see. Think smart. Have fun with life save. only buy food and get free water macds. Dont overdo things but dont feel guilty make money budget it. If u aint going bank ur losing money init. Think about how many times uve gone in westfield doors. and now tell me how many times uve gone in the bank/shoebox’s doors.

?? Well then.

Ur outputs are more than ur inputs. Its not a bad thing. Dont make more. Just save what u got.

Please for goodness sake the defeault of these ‘rich white oeople’ is saving not spending so they let u lot fight over gucci whilst they got grands stacked for nandos. U cant eat a gucci bobmer or a scarf mate so dont hate em be like them. Default: no spending if u need something to feel like a King coz we had bad pasts get cheap (save on retila hterapy too . this is how people stay rich. This is how RRICH people STAY rich. Dont go broke stack n save stack n save n form good habits. Dont g o back to old ones life aint unfair u just werent taught well.

Coool boom so cheap retail therapy? Slazenger// north face. Buy tees instead of longsleeve/jumpers/coats coz theyre cheaper. no acessories for a bit








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