Comfy on my ones. Supported by my suport network.

Nepitism aint that bad if u earnt the link.

Maintain a good family.


Have a shelter.

That’s all u need.

For the foundations of a good life, build ethically and utilitarianly. As u wish after.

Google something if u dont know it. If u know better u do better.

Watch a lot. Read a lot.
– Never stop learning. There is learning in everything. Until retirement. Work keeps me alive when im done working il die. Oyster and the hedon, im definitely ethically hedonistic. Moral.Karm.
Happiness comes from within. Self peace
But what makes it> not really within. External only RELATIONSHIPS.
Reading and knowledge.
Capitalism is the root of all eveil it casues crime out of jealousy. Idenityf ur emotins . jealousy isa weak and negative one.



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