Chuck Berry’s dead.

The world weeps.

– Songwriting mojo, a lesson from Chuck: mojo doesn’t last forever. So use it. And, use it respectfully, and with the idea to maintain it. For future generations. Everything can fall, and nothing is guarenteed. Sorry, this was not so much chuck more so life lessons. Peaks and troughs u see. Is what me and my dad, scrap that. My dad , and I discuss with pasion economics.Influence people get money. But money isn’t everything. Somewhere someone will be going through what ur going through, what ur sharing will help them. Me i have terrible, shocking OCD and am heavy handed but to get round it i create and lay low. Learn ffrom ur mistakes, and learn from other peoples too. Good trumps bad. And,
Follow ur passion and then the money will follow
– In this Dragon’s Den lives a human. Ur never too rich to say ‘poor me” ;).
– If ur gifted enough (or cursed enough depending on how u look at it) to be blessed by God witha writers gift: then use it. Normatively change the world. Share land, and allocate it evenly and faily and try not to build on green spaces, we’re running out of those. Build up yes please build to the skies. Memories. And also, build council flats/houses in Chelsea and elitist areas so they get to know wag1 the real world. We can both learn from one another. They could learn to be compassionate and thus not so frivolous but hte poor could learn there is merit in work, fun, working whilst having fun, and counting the pennies so the pounds shall watch themselves.
Passionfruit by Drake. Initially, thought More Life was one of the worse albums Drake’s done, but passion fruit is good. And , only coz i liked views and If ur reading this its too late so much more . How could i hate on Drake, he taught me so much. Its past rhythms and melodies its skisms stories and lessons.
– Just drop something creative and the right people will latch onto it. Dont chase it too much let it come to u. -have faith in ur method. Leisure over it not chore. Balance some reading some basketball. Little /limit the bad thigns.




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