No Tea, No Zoot (Do it now, For u may never get tomorrow)

Some of the stuff that shaped me was that ‘there are many good people in the world’ if u cant find one, be one’. And i really do believe, without saying I myself am too influential that the younger generation have ran with this whole ‘we are the practioners/pilots/drivers and flyers ( i used to do that job, hand out flyers – biin about money) and ran with it.

Also, fluctuating moods. But here’s why, as an anthropologist I find humans interesting: I’m from a very big family 4 brothers at home, 1 step brother (a brother’s a brother), 1 step sister (a sister’s a sister, she’s real good for advice and musical inspiration). Soul music: right now im playing Rodge Steward when I need u , but I also listen to a lot of classical. And yeah so me and my brothers at home are very interesting, used to be over-crowded over-came it through work, innovation, university. Role models, homework. And we cover the whole, yes the actual whole of the, political spectrum: i am very far leftwing (share, care, abolish private property, redistribute wealth). My second oldest brother is centre-right (work for urself no help, no drink , no drugs). My second oldest is centre-left (go gym, share, be kind, humanist, perspective, context, fond memories of our estate like run outs). BIIN WAVEY SINCE RUN-OUTS/4040. Link in bio. New tees drop on Thursday. Biin W tees drop tomorrow. BWavey. My youngest brother is gay (loves equality, in touch with feminine side, and he’s a really cool guy I get most of my style tips from him, he ants to help people, control freak, do well at school).

But how im unlike them: aint a square do weed, love pot, love introverted extrovert – lately biin an alone recluse a lot but i know deep down the world is never against u and u can make change where u can – like business and teaching – securing a council job – beigng a psychologuist and a medic- a sainsburys manager – biologists – deliveroo – depop. ebay. recruitment. – look a little retail etc. cool boom nepetism positive links wordpress. – and culture or shared fields of consciousness like save money dont go back. Erythings better with some food, and shelter. Take nothing for granted. Wifi in my room with TP link extension router on Amazon, look after, rooms homey it up posters etc. Keep calm, carry on. Music is the gateway to easing the soul’ pains. Safe journey, wordplay, wordpress, music, calm dress sense jobs work.

I wont be travelling for ever.
DJ . REplay Life got me singing the blues


Life is full of frustarations, now let me suffer alone.

Moderation, abstinence.


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