As Kanye said we like the girls who ain’t on TV, coz they got more ass than the models

Inspired by Netflix documentary, not mocumentary, ‘Minimalism’.

– Here, we run really, really fast. Just to stay in the same place –

– Ever feel what’s wrong with me? I should be happy. I should do this. I should work there. I should smoke less. Well, SHOULD is different to COULD or can. And what u can do is be urself. As cliche as it sounds, don’t listen to the false/unproportional/negative/or just plain backwards media sources in ur life. Remember, on instagram most people only show u what THEY want u to see, moreover a filter speaks a thousand words ;). See what i did there? Society seems currently obsessed with only portraying the good sides of the emotional/human experience and that just aint true. Embrace the dark. Post realistic shit and ul probably uplift way more people than cheesy shit. And realsie that by trying to post shit of u only doing well ur setting harsher expectations for urself and at the same time making other people feel inferior. We’re all at different stages on different journeys. The internet isnt yet old enough to absorb the darkness/richness of literature, other media, like movies/books/radio and newspapers.


0rrr – Moreover, the TV personalities u see only have 100,000 or more so it SEEMS this should be normal for society? No, u again dont see them behind the smoke and mirrors they’re only human too, and they need love and affection too as well as have thier own demons and battles to fight. Ul never fill a void, or chase hapiness with more stuff. Mor etime, more growth, more relationships maybe. But ul never chase hapiness period. Hapiness is a destination, journey and statae of mind. In my opinion anyway.

So in summary, be consciously aware of ur social media presence, portray the bad as well as the good, take the good with the bad, make sure everything in ur life has meaning and adds value to u. Not a competition with someone else or a superficial/superfolous attempt to fill something. Empty space is better than wasted space..

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