Why sobriety’s good

Why uni’s bad . what’s wrong with society too much (ppor0 structure eg no agremeent on uni policy so can give u lectures monday friday and NO lectures tuesday wednesday thursday frieday (terrible for routine) and thus fucking with u.

– He’d never seen a wall in his life. Now he’s got walls all around him.

– I get it people want change and positivity: agency: weekend , saving money, drugs in moderation, anger hate, love, conditioing, compliments, business., leave a scattered trail of bloody bread crumbs on the course of history.

– We know the beast/diagnosis: Capitalism: cure, independent, small businesses, less waiting and time for going to university/acquiring and getting skills and then new ones, outreaech networking, redistribution of wealth through charity. rich individuals from the hood giving microfinance to strangers (e g millionaire gives a thousand to everyone in their block -> this would make the news and save the news(> Money saved for a rainy day.

Not too dogmatic.



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