Not a Gangstar not a square

  • Childhood: fights, lights, got a lights?, tramps, nitties, weed, mandy, charlie, beat ups, rushings , law rush ins, homophobia, xenophobia, class wars, throwing bunsen burner tings if we didnt get tings in science class, paper planez, and tings.

    If u know u know so i respecti t. but for those who don’t it’s a damn shame growing up from humble beginnings. Coz we really fight to survive man, i dont know if u can relate il be honest. The inner city streets, a
    And then prayers and laugher, slaughter like animals, and drugs like cannabis. We live to eat and eat to live, forgive, try to forget, but never erase.
    East end days are nothing like north west. Curry and pubs best for a chest filled with stress. And cess, lots of it but only a little money. but i came back for it.

    it is what it is.

    Smoking away your anxieties and fears with the comfort of weed and fags, moving onto booze; drunk in class. The life of an adolescent in turgid, turbid Ayrshire.

  • Fucking shit, but its the only memories I have.

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