Women Women Women 3Hundred

Be grown. Be mature.

But most of all, be respectable: competition, friends, more than sex. See me I have a sister and a mum that i love to bits so there comes a day where sometimes, some women u must treat like u would the respect levels of a female family. And, additionally the way u treat ur mum tells ur bird how ul treat her, so i hear.

Cool , so 1st aspect is competition: aint no1 as cool as u and beauty is in the eye of the beholder ((subjective )) so cool treat others how u d like to be treated and keep levele.s. So if she thinks UR good looking ur in there, dont compare urself to others that look nothing like u.

An original is better than a cooy.

If u know her friends/she’s in nur friend group be mindful of that. Frends should be on the periphery

Dont compete to shage the most girls, healthily compete to have the best wifey, u n er the best team her and be real with her, communication, open hoonest, hang out without spending money.

id rather go on a meaningful beach walk with her than a shallow expensive-ass meal

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