Life can get u down but this helps

Breathing. Deep breaths focus. Compartmentalize. Love yours(elf). Focus/train ur mind
Keep ur friends close. And follow them a bit whilst they lead then u lead a bit. But no one run too far ahead. Save p.

Smoking Co2. Breathing oxygen.
ART: Perfect nights

Nothing happens without a plan

VEver think u should help someone

Help dont hinder. THats hinduism taoism. Some google reading.

And ting.
Dont judge
Dont bully
be Frineds with everyone

No sex.


Politics chooses u then spirituality saves u


Howd u get ur confidence? Post that on social media Internal reflection helps the outside
WE are not animals, the difference is called politics.


Aristotle queotes


Never knew socrates but i knew i could sell some tees.

Reasonably scared so i do it slow 12am on a sunday night

Subversive kid

Im sorry. This is what I , who hold myself to sometimes (too) high standards, would call a bad blog post. My communication is badly affected, im concussed cah i got hit by some shit and its annoying fam. I feel angry, powerless. I empathise with the downtrodden. Coz i am one. Damn, it feels like im unemployed in my university holidays as i look at a screen all day even my little bro gets n to me for it.

but its, cool. Theres many outlets now. Damn, i want dominos. but ocol boom. I dont feel powerful less im chasing girls, gettting rejections (some) , being a hippy bangladeshi scotland, ish person who helps people, moves booky, still wears trackies, depth of charater see b identity is layered and u never forget the past ort who u areBeautiufl women and eddie huang are all that’s helping me righrt now.

I fuck with full focused though.

And try to express myslef.

Helpless aint good but just wait till i get my business.

EVeryONE ERY needs something to lok forward to. Or someone.

Boom, sunday don, Monday back in SCotland im travelling around missing her from two different places. lcoations. i feel like i constatnyl have to rememerb everything coz i had a rough past and frued said i gotta learn from that shit. I di d. Treats.


Swag. I used to be the dickhead guy with the nice garms. now i see a nice guy with dead nicest garms and it made e feel weak. But its cool judge a man on what hes done like give to amf centrepoint help the education education higher eduation university culture.

And then keep it. moving.

And also realise depth of pocket aint depth of character and loudest mand in room is of ten weakest they could be throwing money on clothes to hide insecurites. but let em live wish em the best. i cant compete . i just wanta house food kids. and be cool with everyone.Dont be jealous happy for him but hope he know and or can get interior internal happiness not just external felt a bit sorry. But ill be back on my feet soon . With essays.


keep it moving.


Everything I need (food, water shelter) is being provided for

by the grace of God.
what’s a blessing if u dont count it. Love my food u na

Home cooked meals theyre cheaper

Couldnt afford kfc so i became a better chef than those at kfc

Instagram posts:
CHEF: netural cool good.Not too impulsive encourages people to cook at home
U dumb. #spices #naturalingredients
Healthy. Salad this that
Shop smarter
– They want oysters i want card money.. but na too much so dont ddo it stay in
Biin Wavey done less is more man
Happiness comes from within twitter ting.

Redistribute wealth (AMF receipt)
Make smarter decisions u always have a choice #agency #structure im not doing it for u lol
if ur reading this its probably not for u
sorry gotta stick my flg to that mask coz im not talking to no poshos in st andrews only my people back home

Hold her hair back when she’s throwing up

Work on the working first psychologically and economic management and key words
Look up question culture
Help culture
God = morals. Ethics Utilitarianism explored interest support local business already done.

Support network. Love

Dont leave people


Movies are better with two, social spend alright(ish)

Just not for now we’re all on different phases.
Love yourz last one after

Take ur dad to the library at uni. Share ur course with him. Different priorities

Open & (relatively) honest
Same dose.

Once u get something u gone want it again so limit ur desires. Tamed passions


Good Quotes

What u eat dont make me shit
Stay in ur lane
Play ur position
Jealousy is a weak emotion
Time is a social construct
U gotta enjoy ur own company
Spend a day doing nothing but relaxing. Itll be a good day
We all have bad days. Were all only human. We all have off days
Missing a beat today
Ur room is ur safe
DO what u want to do , not what others want u to do
THey want oysters, i want oyster card money.

It is what it is

Dont teach what is already taught.
Dont teach what is already understood.

Little change, but change where it is necessary. And gradually

Saving money, Giving to charity buyt my neighborhood dynamic is right now and we as London are mourning the police officers (they aint all bad. dont generalise

Regress to progress

Understand this, when they say hapiness is internal – they aint lying.
Buying external things wont bring u happiness. This, I believe is running from content – when ur internal dynamics cool u dont really need nothing & u can get/seek ur dopamine rush from something less corrupt than clothes n money n shit. U can save, and u can play sport. Different levels for different folks
Master ur mind through labelling emotions.
This too shall pass, u cant feel one emotion forever and ur brain needs time to process events and emotions. They tried it but na we stay winning.
The world still turns.

So content I say is through cherishing relationships, and being happy with what u have got. And what u have escaped too: there is always someone worse off,

And so too there is someone better off. come to terms with it. play ur position what is ur unique gift. what do u bring to the table. not everythign is for everyone so dont focus on ur weakness a team is made of a striker and a defender the striker may get most of the publics credit (but they dont play for the applause, or even the crowd. They play for intrinsic value of scoring good goals, unconditionally, being good at their specific job, playing their position, not doing too much, and doing it for the whole team). so the defender is still just as valid a part as the team

Rather use than fame

Culture?. Food?. Chips n chees. Chicken wings (nandos, or sams/zams if u know ;)) Id travel twenty minutes just to get those wings.

Not everyday bossman, sometimes sainsburys. #SaveMoney ‘*Roll safe meme insert*
– Meek Mill. Yall dont really here me.
– Potter Payper (link up tv behind bars if u ask me)
Not too much simple no choices.

Have good recommendations. Back ur mates. Have ur mates corner. My brother’s keeper/

Rubican mango. But only very rarely. And as afore mentioned go sainsburys buy big tub. Put into bottles of water. Done invested once and saved on future buys. U see. Think smart. Have fun with life save. only buy food and get free water macds. Dont overdo things but dont feel guilty make money budget it. If u aint going bank ur losing money init. Think about how many times uve gone in westfield doors. and now tell me how many times uve gone in the bank/shoebox’s doors.

?? Well then.

Ur outputs are more than ur inputs. Its not a bad thing. Dont make more. Just save what u got.

Please for goodness sake the defeault of these ‘rich white oeople’ is saving not spending so they let u lot fight over gucci whilst they got grands stacked for nandos. U cant eat a gucci bobmer or a scarf mate so dont hate em be like them. Default: no spending if u need something to feel like a King coz we had bad pasts get cheap (save on retila hterapy too . this is how people stay rich. This is how RRICH people STAY rich. Dont go broke stack n save stack n save n form good habits. Dont g o back to old ones life aint unfair u just werent taught well.

Coool boom so cheap retail therapy? Slazenger// north face. Buy tees instead of longsleeve/jumpers/coats coz theyre cheaper. no acessories for a bit








So u want to help?

Stop feeling entitled and u might humble urself
I used to cry about having no shoes until i met someone with no feet
Always someone worse off
And. dont feel so entitled
Some people starve and have no food
Some people have no money for the cinema and shit u take for granted
So go less. Rub it in less. And donate money to magic breakfast which provides food.

Buy local.

Dont shop at TNCs like Waitrose use ur money with local business owners who need it. Go bossman not sainsburys