I’ve bin living wrong

Im sorry. To all those ive wronged, judged, or over-protected.

A wise friend of mine once told me that I project my image, and thoughts, of myself onto others.

It’s very difficult to sleep
When u have a concussion, weed & u weep.


God’s grace is good, and sometimes he breaks ur heart (in the hood) to show u a better light,

Never forget ur beautiful. True beauty gravitat u toward it.

Fi die not htis way. Not so un-normal more normalementised today.

Basically, i biin smoking too much weed

Biin paranoid

Biin halucinating

Biin had no routines

Biin cheeky

One last bonanza . just beer. pub beeer. a can a day .

Do well.

THen do better.


Im sure someone finds that beautiful..


Gotta protect ones’ self too

Ramblings of a nearly (mad man)

Im just a teacher o it’s natral i have my favouritessz

She is always right. Sorry, no sexissm or positive discrimination but women are usually always right.

About most things.

Can’t be right about everything





go this way


choose ur battles

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