A fear of fears… Homophobia

On some Bernie Sanders shit.
A series of essays shall adress what is wrong with modern society: primarily homophobic attitudes (such as discriminatory behaviour: viewing/behaving as if gay people are not equal, different, and cool too). Be cool with it lest ur insecurities murder u. This particular essay was fortunate enough to have the privellege of interview an, anoymous, influential, bright, young man who lives in the suburbs of a town and happens to be homosexual. He is a very interesting young man and loves reading and writiing, biology, and the sciences.

He told me how he breaks down barriers in some ways and I inferred that by him doing sciences it can break this idea that gay people are fragile, weak somehow. This is probably a media stereotype to ensure they are seen as ‘no threat’ to straight guys’ masculinity or heterosexual insecurity also known contemporarily as manxiety.

He went on to emotively describe how – what is essentially segregation – can occur every day. Rome wasn’t built in a day if u find urself with homophobic attitudes examine ur psyche, insecurities and pyschological or mental draw because if u keep telling urself to ignore homosexual people u ignore a fact of life. Some lions are homosexual, others arae heterosexual it’s just life man be easy. Be cool, same as in the natural kingdom same as in our temporary bodily shells some humans are gay (homosexual), and some humans are straight (heterosexual) do not lie/misguide people to ur sexuality just be open and honest and then there will derail a negative social construct there is no closet merely the womb. For genetically one is BORN gay or straight so do not obsess over it just go naturally with what u like/have liked for years. Different strokes for different folks and we should follow what naturally inclines people’s interest e.g. i may play basketball with one brother and monopoly to another: one must always tailor ideas, information and so why not with activities too. My brother’s keeper. Tailor ur actions but do not change them. Fine line

Right, now we also have to adress the idea that gay people cannot discuss their relationships with straight people. Do not overdo it on either party, but do not underdo it either. If, as my interview and I discussed at length, we merely say my partner and I are arguing over money (sure as hell have had that one before) then it could be a common ground and common interest instead of potentially, and unfortuneately, putting the opposite sexuality off with gender-terms which are just synonymous for ‘loved one’ in any case. The example is this: if we as heterosexual men love, enjoy and hold sacred sex (in fact i would argue we actively chase and cherish it nearly every moment of the day for the right partner) then why can homosexuals not also? If it feels good it feels good whatever floats ur boat. Do not overtly mix the private and personal cah what they do in their own time is their business don’t hold a personal grudge for a private act (should’ve said this to my ex-partners too in fact; moving on from someone uve had sex with and will no longer have sex with is hard for anyone so im sure this too is another realm for empathy). And, just have faith in ur influence if u make it normal other people will follow. God willing less hate,

So to conclude, focus on our similarities as humans (we all bleed the same blood, we all do not like people being too much in our business, we all eat shit and pee and have procreative ((or protected) sex) and we all can get along based on some healthier fears like regardless of his sexuality that brother there could be getting fucked by capitalism like us, he need to eat to.

Its normal to be  a little insecure for any sexuality too so take it easy, be kind to urself and kind to others for even if u have little in common respect can come as ignoring someone politely sometimes; when ur paths cross merely be civil in actions and implicit judging is just as bad as explicit so opt for an implicit protection of ALL humans instead and then u will be explicitly prepared and respected. Moreover, no two people are the same so just take the time to listen and observe how everyone is different and let them ahve their lane, whilst sharing urs.

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