One foot in the grave, one foot on a banana peel

Why most people hate their first job, and how to like any job? P.s. this is a relatively self-explanatory, un-sophisticated guide for often entry level jobs so if its not 4 u wait up dont worry i got more blogs coming soon.

1 – it’s ur first one so ur learning and (allowed to, but) making a lot of mistakes, this frustrates many people and they could pussy out & quit; just before they start to get good ( it takes time to practice/harness a skill). U also could mistake business as being personal, coz ur business colleagues are telling u off (to better u, and greater good is to satisfy customers’ needs) so u hold a grudge or hold it against them and feel angry. Let it go. They’re just doing their job. Forgive, dont forget what got em yelling coz u gotta learn from that mistake, and then u too can have the right/entitlement to tell them wag1 when they do something wrong. Always have faith, resourcefullness, and courage so u do things on ur own some of the time but are never afraid to ask for help. Real men ask for help. How’d i get my job at a pizza shop “yo brother, i will literally do ur dishes. Cool, start friday; oh tomorrow at 10? Cool.”
Come prepared have cv just incase but really some informality is good in bagging the job and go to places where ur a customer/liked/respected or know the people loosely to sweeten the deal and get ur foot in the do.

2 – professionalism. Dress for the job. Whatever it may be. Talk politely. Handle things quickly. be a team player?

3 – time management and patience / allocation of tasks. Some people, all people, are just straight up lazy. So u get halfway through ur shift and think “fuck this” but it’s a test , a lull moment. It’ll pass. So u crack on tough through it and that’s why u get paid and why ur ahead of others. Dont be like the rest to achivee ur best perserve through it , and just like the gym, ur pain/work thresholdll go up.

4-) Be cool with being by urself sometimes. Faith in ur skillset means UL get the job done no matter who’s watching or who’s there/ Do u crack under pressure. OR does pressure make u beter – if u cant handle the heat get out the kitchen. Swallow ur pride. But, staying in the kitchen -that shit’ll make u get some hairs on ur chest. Even ur shadow gone leave u when it’s dark. temporarily.

5) Be cool with being cool Yeah u gone see people u know it’s nothin. Ur there for money. THey respect u for it. Shift can be made easier by having a little chit chat so ur basically being paid to talk ‘ )


5) Not every1 working a banging job all the time or all year round u gotta do something to grow out of it. So dont worry do it for the money. Stack p keep a good relationship with the owner and then move on.

7) If the conditions aint that bad u aint that bad. Inside, till./-ffcc

Im told what to do for delegated tasks for the benefit of my pay cheque, efficiency, smooth running, obedience andyal -ty. and for the greater good of customers and my pay cheque

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