THe ‘scientic approach to life’ methods/study

my thesis:/findings Im getting heavier/bulking. Therefore, need to do more press ups. Sets of current, new low, pb: 21. Need to get back to 33/40, failure range.

My opinions on crime are very much radical left wing. Becuase i believe it is drugs, or other findings that distarct the brain. Such as the arts, fo philosohpy, and hunting. I am getting better at focusing on one person at at ime but ocd is pretty bad and im dissapointed about it.
Emotions taake a while to fully  set in.

Never change for any1, u may to have smallen ur ciclke, because fish are still better than eels. Also thos e hwo know u well will

I gotta and i gotta pick things up off the floor.  I gotta watch se;fishness, but also its beenefits.

I gotta learn to stand on my own two,;. ,;.; for love and suppor

I gotta respect girls and not make a big deal out of it when im with them.


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