How to not be a junkie

Get over fear of shower. Had a few prretty bad injuries in my day so i am sorry its affected my later performance. BUt past need not be prefarce, qway more bad than good.Good than bad*

Equality. Is importanat, but dont qwell it. Utilitarianism.

COncise objective writing, is ached (in essays) only thorugh originality and flare. Je ne sais pais.C the pendant, i am high very often so its bad realt talk

But i nearly breakdown. but i lcown around. but i think im like the fresh prince ofbelair, it parralles my life in so many ways, and i always walways mwanna be abnle to express my mind freely and honestlye and i think donald trump is repressive of that and i need to work on my grammar, and i need to work on keeping things to one topic.

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