Do not be too impulsive, to love nor to love.

I once lied, once cried, once tried but two times fell for u. Becuase, I once said Lamron was normal spelt backwards ( a wise young friend told me that). And then, i felt lamron and realised two things that never got easier, any easier – Big Sean said that: , breaking up and starting a new relationship will plague u with lust for all ur life. But, love the lust. This is wanderlust. Culture.

Happy or sad is fine , it’s scary when u nearly dont’ feel anything when u’ve been hurt so bad, for whatver reason. It will happen again and again.

That’s not me that’s old me. But digress, to be continuation it must re-occur so I say to u my friend live well and live fulfilled. Love without mistrust, and as my old teacher’s poster proclaimed: dance s if no1s watching>

Maybe il leave the hood one day, but I SHALL ALWAYS COME BACK. home is where the heart is, but for me home is ALSOALSO where the dark is.

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