The Creative Collective

Well hello readers, it’s been a while but again, I’m back. Good ol’ R.C.’s been keeping busy on here haha. Got a thought for you.


I’m often caught up in just doing what I think I should be doing or doing something that distracts me from what I should be doing. I don’t often think about where my time is going or how much of my time seems to vanish before my eyes. Recently though, whenever I’ve been zoning out or just trying to enjoy each passing moment, I’ve been appreciating the work of individuals that coalesces into time-passing endeavors. If I imagine what my life would have been like if I had been born 80 years ago, my perception of pop culture and the way that I view what I take so often for granted would be absolutely worlds apart. The internet plays such a pivotal role in all of our lives nowadays and its reach is nearly unfathomable (including to you, reading this right now). When I think about how much input I gain from what might appear to be mindlessly browsing through webpages, it begins to surprise me all the little things that I come away with. From countless blog posts to experimental music, the internet has really taken shape as the central hub of information, creativity, expression, the lot. That’s what has got me thinking about the individual. The one who writes the blogs, makes the music, tells the story. You’d imagine being someone who once in a blue moon puts a few words onto a blog would’ve had this thought a while back but honestly it’s really just now taking hold.


Andy Warhol’s famous saying goes, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. When I think about the current viral nature of a lot of internet phenomena, I can’t disagree with this statement but I have to wonder about the people who don’t get that fame. If you take YouTube for example, there are countless amounts of channels, many of which don’t contain a single video. What once started as a simple video sharing platform has morphed into a corporation in which people’s jobs involve creating videos on a regular basis for audiences around the globe. Some ‘youtubers’ make it big but the vast majority do not. For people who post videos occasionally or have fairly dedicated channels that aren’t massive, it’s definitely a passion project. It’s sort of like a lot of producers on SoundCloud. For the people who either know that they’re not going to be stars or don’t want to have leave the creative freedom of a smaller channel/production, it seems as if their work can be the real gems of the internet. There are certain people who pander to the masses on YouTube, there are some who gain popularity simply by virtue of their talents, and then there are the people who probably will never make it big but are not deterred all the same. I enjoy finding some smaller channels that haven’t really made massive strides in terms of subscribers or views but take great pride in their content as if they were comfortable making videos just for themselves. As well, for smaller music producers on formats like SoundCloud, although their songs may only ever reach a few hundred people, artists simply seem content to have their small corner of the internet for the most part. I know most of that seems like a no-brainer, but it truly goes to show that even with the world at our fingertips, people who want to create are going to keep creating simply for the pleasure of the creation process itself.


In the end I think this whole mess boils down to my acknowledgment that the internet has given many more people the opportunity to create various pieces on multiple mediums and although for some it means fame and attention, the majority of people who produce things to be posted online don’t mind simply just taking advantage of the possibilities given to them via the internet as opposed to trying to become an overnight sensation.


Thank you for reading and may happiness follow you always.



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