The dead leave legacies. The breathing feel their pain.

Only the dead have seen the end of war.
We are all BORN equal, some more EQUAL than others.

I am no good, but i am no better or worse than any1 else – A very wise friend.

We breathe pain, we must sacrifice, work for free/volunteer (guerrilla services) for political ends, friends, means, family, and the good of humankind. Women were oppressed now they hold offices (Merkel is a bit Merky), and shit like that so key people can make a change. Poor people are the last people on earth to be emancipated (BOB MARLEY fi look at the developing world and say rah). How can a rich westerner feed their dog better than a LEDC lad is fed. Fuck off.

Additionally, work pro-bonar, have friends in high places. ANd, Jewish scriptures have lessons about what types of giving there are:

  • giving without wishing to receive anything in return
    – Giving to get back
    – Giving without even knowing it.

    The gift that keeps on giving. – life sex friends & food.


    Interesting challenges such as pushing urself and giving back or finding an innovative way to help ur people (ur family, ur friends and people selfishly directly relevant to u in a good way) or people u will never know, scars u will never fully heal, grateful faces u will never truely see, but these actions, these altruistic actions are the words of GOd.

    – The developing world
    – Children who have no hope/had no chance. – education vacinations
    – The homeless. Reduce inequality, full employment
    – The environment, and animals. Less driving, sustainability, eco-technology, sharing.
    – Community, helping people, putting people on jobs, shared information, looking out for each other, friends in high places, love

    WHen the love of love overtakes the love of money we’ll be good.

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