I can only pray so much/Late night ish thoughts

So, food 2 eat: aint it a shame we cant grow our own? Revolutioary. If the market wasn’t the priority, and human peace of mind/eating was more of a focus we could technically buy land and grow our own crops? Just a slight paradigm shift from buying land to rent out over the holidays to Londoners (where the property prices are high so a “landlord” may actually never ‘live’ in the house; merely rent it. Thus we could not use the land we could grow the land and sell/use for subsistence the crops. Just a hippy idea.

Now another one of Dekay’s tunes is the fear of aging: Fear is sometimes a good un. Fear of not leaving makes u loyal, fear ot giving up makes u suyccessful. Fear of aging could inspire a youthful mind, spare the wrinkles ur the same u if ur resilient in life’s sagas. Fear of a girlfriend/partner cheating or not reciprocating could push u to be a better man. Fear if children could ensure ur a good parent and raise them better than urself: 2 steps forward 1 step back coz although many of us from certain areas/estates of london are indeed scarred we can heal them and ensure no1 else must go through the battles I went throuhg. 99 problems
Difficult reading, but no1 said it would be easy

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