Class warfare

Follow the rules, they’re not all made up by angry old white people.

Some rules are made for a reason. Rebel against the right things, learn the lesson again battle again>

Live to tell the stroy

I was in a basketball accident ok my head’s kinda messed up as it is. God bless.

Help more people, but when ur job’s done u go home.

I’ve bin living wrong

Im sorry. To all those ive wronged, judged, or over-protected.

A wise friend of mine once told me that I project my image, and thoughts, of myself onto others.

It’s very difficult to sleep
When u have a concussion, weed & u weep.


God’s grace is good, and sometimes he breaks ur heart (in the hood) to show u a better light,

Never forget ur beautiful. True beauty gravitat u toward it.

Fi die not htis way. Not so un-normal more normalementised today.

Basically, i biin smoking too much weed

Biin paranoid

Biin halucinating

Biin had no routines

Biin cheeky

One last bonanza . just beer. pub beeer. a can a day .

Do well.

THen do better.


Im sure someone finds that beautiful..


Gotta protect ones’ self too

Ramblings of a nearly (mad man)

Im just a teacher o it’s natral i have my favouritessz

She is always right. Sorry, no sexissm or positive discrimination but women are usually always right.

About most things.

Can’t be right about everything





go this way


choose ur battles

A fear of fears: Xenophobia.

Let me first say fuck the media, fuck how under-qualified and un-trained, un-professional, ignorant, blunt and un-observant Donald Trump is. Selfishness of few with power will kill us all if we are not careful.

For evil to triumph all it takes is for good people to do nothing. but its nonsense the goods of any collective religion are chariyy comon goals forgiveness and well as community.

Fear of white people by black/asian/hispanic/other ethnic groups is predominantly in the Western hemisphere (where ur parents migrated to do good, and get u a better life than they had – so be appreciative not hostile to our temporary hosts). Moreover, many are bitter from the trickling legacy of old wounds: slavery and colonialism is no more so let us truely forgive them for their ignorant trespasses. We as a people have done bad too and no one is exempt from God’s judging so it is not our place to judge other humans, we all want to better our lives, our family’s, and to some extent our race(s) however we as humans are all one race.

EVeryone likes people who looks like them, or attractive – it makes love easier. SO to make life easier love everyone that has two legs and a beating heart.

Now to address policing: some white male cops also ALSO ALSO have the legacies of old wounds: British and American caucasians were hostile to invading groups years ago in our countries’ history because it was often war that brought people of other ethnic backgrounds here. IT NO LONGER IS SO TREAT US EQUALLY OR HAVE REBELLION ON UR HANDS. we are not stupid not dumb, not naive, not penniless, not moneyless, not all crime ridden, and we want to survive too so stop merely looking out for your own and projecting ur misguided judgements power struggles and insecurtites onto us too. We too struggle for money to feed our family, we too bleed and cry, we too get insecure when other races look at us harshly. It works both ways but ur just like me man we CAN both smile. So let’s smile and crack on. Make some money together and learn about each others cultures: to triviliase it man u like our curries we like ur fish and chips.

Now to addres slavery, this is gonna be one of the only times where i adopt a harshly right wing economic stance (and BELEIVE U ME i know the absolute ins and outs of socio-economic depression. the lack of money. the lack of guidance. the temporarily dsyfunctional family. the feeling like shit. the inferiority complex. the embarressment publically for private money qualms. the violence. the solidarity between our estate because we naively think the world is against us, it;s not. It no longer is. U got the internet, businesses, drugs to sell, money to make, pot to smoke, bitches to fuck and people who wanna know ur story. People reciprocate so u cant just be too hostile all the time. If u dress in unneat tracksuits and wear hoods up and hats all day long u put off a bad image and vibe so that’s not good for race relations. Show em u can swag on em AND..


DO BOTH. wear tracksuits on weekends and black suits and ties on the week. But aadd ur own twist. And think, would my mum be happy talking to me dressed like this – she doesn;t hate u but she knows better than that and finks ur fronting and the tracksuit all black and hood is like a mask for ‘dont give me shit’ or ‘im insecure’ or ‘ive had a hard life so think it’ll always be hard’ na man fuc kthat! no matter how dark uve been its never too late to make a change. Me personally i went from having just 2 £ a day for school when most kids average 5 so i didn’t let the embaressment get me (there is no shame in being born poor. what u do with it is where the shame lies) so i used to sell cookies, then i worked as a journalist for link up tv, then i tried shooting music videos, then i tried amnesty international charity fundraisers, then my brother tried deliveroo, then i attempted chicken cottage, then i got fired from amnesty internationl so i didnt give up i went to work for cancer research, then i went and got my head straight sober and worked for canccer research, now im gonna set up a business. u gotta be resilient and entreupernerial in life, love and money. Women aint gonna take u if u try once and give up so why should a Boss they only human man walk in confident and et the job done. OR if u cant find a job make a job use big cartel to make a business. band camp to sell music. tell ur community and friends u graff so do it on paper and sell it. Where there;s a will there; a way, I pray for  all of u man forgive us for our sins as we forgive others.

The Lords prayer, one Lord to unite us all . Rich poor gay straigh black white asian hispanice happy sad . we all have emotions, all experience death struggle and hardship, are all in financial difficult sat some time, we have all had relationship difficulty some time, we have all felt bad about debt sometimes we have all feared, or loved death sometimes but we all die soon so make ur life well lived. God bless

RC – the Choudhury boys

A fear of fears… Homophobia

On some Bernie Sanders shit.
A series of essays shall adress what is wrong with modern society: primarily homophobic attitudes (such as discriminatory behaviour: viewing/behaving as if gay people are not equal, different, and cool too). Be cool with it lest ur insecurities murder u. This particular essay was fortunate enough to have the privellege of interview an, anoymous, influential, bright, young man who lives in the suburbs of a town and happens to be homosexual. He is a very interesting young man and loves reading and writiing, biology, and the sciences.

He told me how he breaks down barriers in some ways and I inferred that by him doing sciences it can break this idea that gay people are fragile, weak somehow. This is probably a media stereotype to ensure they are seen as ‘no threat’ to straight guys’ masculinity or heterosexual insecurity also known contemporarily as manxiety.

He went on to emotively describe how – what is essentially segregation – can occur every day. Rome wasn’t built in a day if u find urself with homophobic attitudes examine ur psyche, insecurities and pyschological or mental draw because if u keep telling urself to ignore homosexual people u ignore a fact of life. Some lions are homosexual, others arae heterosexual it’s just life man be easy. Be cool, same as in the natural kingdom same as in our temporary bodily shells some humans are gay (homosexual), and some humans are straight (heterosexual) do not lie/misguide people to ur sexuality just be open and honest and then there will derail a negative social construct there is no closet merely the womb. For genetically one is BORN gay or straight so do not obsess over it just go naturally with what u like/have liked for years. Different strokes for different folks and we should follow what naturally inclines people’s interest e.g. i may play basketball with one brother and monopoly to another: one must always tailor ideas, information and so why not with activities too. My brother’s keeper. Tailor ur actions but do not change them. Fine line

Right, now we also have to adress the idea that gay people cannot discuss their relationships with straight people. Do not overdo it on either party, but do not underdo it either. If, as my interview and I discussed at length, we merely say my partner and I are arguing over money (sure as hell have had that one before) then it could be a common ground and common interest instead of potentially, and unfortuneately, putting the opposite sexuality off with gender-terms which are just synonymous for ‘loved one’ in any case. The example is this: if we as heterosexual men love, enjoy and hold sacred sex (in fact i would argue we actively chase and cherish it nearly every moment of the day for the right partner) then why can homosexuals not also? If it feels good it feels good whatever floats ur boat. Do not overtly mix the private and personal cah what they do in their own time is their business don’t hold a personal grudge for a private act (should’ve said this to my ex-partners too in fact; moving on from someone uve had sex with and will no longer have sex with is hard for anyone so im sure this too is another realm for empathy). And, just have faith in ur influence if u make it normal other people will follow. God willing less hate,

So to conclude, focus on our similarities as humans (we all bleed the same blood, we all do not like people being too much in our business, we all eat shit and pee and have procreative ((or protected) sex) and we all can get along based on some healthier fears like regardless of his sexuality that brother there could be getting fucked by capitalism like us, he need to eat to.

Its normal to be  a little insecure for any sexuality too so take it easy, be kind to urself and kind to others for even if u have little in common respect can come as ignoring someone politely sometimes; when ur paths cross merely be civil in actions and implicit judging is just as bad as explicit so opt for an implicit protection of ALL humans instead and then u will be explicitly prepared and respected. Moreover, no two people are the same so just take the time to listen and observe how everyone is different and let them ahve their lane, whilst sharing urs.

One foot in the grave, one foot on a banana peel

Why most people hate their first job, and how to like any job? P.s. this is a relatively self-explanatory, un-sophisticated guide for often entry level jobs so if its not 4 u wait up dont worry i got more blogs coming soon.

1 – it’s ur first one so ur learning and (allowed to, but) making a lot of mistakes, this frustrates many people and they could pussy out & quit; just before they start to get good ( it takes time to practice/harness a skill). U also could mistake business as being personal, coz ur business colleagues are telling u off (to better u, and greater good is to satisfy customers’ needs) so u hold a grudge or hold it against them and feel angry. Let it go. They’re just doing their job. Forgive, dont forget what got em yelling coz u gotta learn from that mistake, and then u too can have the right/entitlement to tell them wag1 when they do something wrong. Always have faith, resourcefullness, and courage so u do things on ur own some of the time but are never afraid to ask for help. Real men ask for help. How’d i get my job at a pizza shop “yo brother, i will literally do ur dishes. Cool, start friday; oh tomorrow at 10? Cool.”
Come prepared have cv just incase but really some informality is good in bagging the job and go to places where ur a customer/liked/respected or know the people loosely to sweeten the deal and get ur foot in the do.

2 – professionalism. Dress for the job. Whatever it may be. Talk politely. Handle things quickly. be a team player?

3 – time management and patience / allocation of tasks. Some people, all people, are just straight up lazy. So u get halfway through ur shift and think “fuck this” but it’s a test , a lull moment. It’ll pass. So u crack on tough through it and that’s why u get paid and why ur ahead of others. Dont be like the rest to achivee ur best perserve through it , and just like the gym, ur pain/work thresholdll go up.

4-) Be cool with being by urself sometimes. Faith in ur skillset means UL get the job done no matter who’s watching or who’s there/ Do u crack under pressure. OR does pressure make u beter – if u cant handle the heat get out the kitchen. Swallow ur pride. But, staying in the kitchen -that shit’ll make u get some hairs on ur chest. Even ur shadow gone leave u when it’s dark. temporarily.

5) Be cool with being cool Yeah u gone see people u know it’s nothin. Ur there for money. THey respect u for it. Shift can be made easier by having a little chit chat so ur basically being paid to talk ‘ )


5) Not every1 working a banging job all the time or all year round u gotta do something to grow out of it. So dont worry do it for the money. Stack p keep a good relationship with the owner and then move on.

7) If the conditions aint that bad u aint that bad. Inside, till./-ffcc

Im told what to do for delegated tasks for the benefit of my pay cheque, efficiency, smooth running, obedience andyal -ty. and for the greater good of customers and my pay cheque


Plans. No plans.
Fucks. No fucks

Have fun with it, and do not use ur phone too much – although ive noted when i want to and dont it kinda hurts and feels there’s a glue /opull/or a gravity to my phone and (home sick) the people i want to reach.

Im scared to get close because i loiterally miss her so much when she’s not here. But the pros definetley outweigh the cons coz its golden when i m with her.

I miss people but like my independence

How to not be a junkie

Get over fear of shower. Had a few prretty bad injuries in my day so i am sorry its affected my later performance. BUt past need not be prefarce, qway more bad than good.Good than bad*

Equality. Is importanat, but dont qwell it. Utilitarianism.

COncise objective writing, is ached (in essays) only thorugh originality and flare. Je ne sais pais.C the pendant, i am high very often so its bad realt talk

But i nearly breakdown. but i lcown around. but i think im like the fresh prince ofbelair, it parralles my life in so many ways, and i always walways mwanna be abnle to express my mind freely and honestlye and i think donald trump is repressive of that and i need to work on my grammar, and i need to work on keeping things to one topic.

THe ‘scientic approach to life’ methods/study

my thesis:/findings Im getting heavier/bulking. Therefore, need to do more press ups. Sets of current, new low, pb: 21. Need to get back to 33/40, failure range.

My opinions on crime are very much radical left wing. Becuase i believe it is drugs, or other findings that distarct the brain. Such as the arts, fo philosohpy, and hunting. I am getting better at focusing on one person at at ime but ocd is pretty bad and im dissapointed about it.
Emotions taake a while to fully  set in.

Never change for any1, u may to have smallen ur ciclke, because fish are still better than eels. Also thos e hwo know u well will

I gotta and i gotta pick things up off the floor.  I gotta watch se;fishness, but also its beenefits.

I gotta learn to stand on my own two,;. ,;.; for love and suppor

I gotta respect girls and not make a big deal out of it when im with them.