An idealists’ ideal world

Structure: especiall ecnoomic strucutre, consumer power – not just purchasign power, but chocie, options. Cheap, low price and high utility as well as healthy and locally sourced goods.

More leisure like art and music, and their place in society of higher merit (that means defending subjects liek anthropology in conversation, at university,

Also, option to grow ur own food on weekends.

Also, 9-4 so shorter working days maximise productivity and give value to un-measureable things like family.

Cant measure. And, any1 with a job can afford a good life really, if we go off of needs not wants: food and shleter. done.

SO sort aut the hosing crises.

And less peaks and trophs in capitalsism just sustainabl,e reliable industries with no too much on the low overheads just ethicla

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