I can use rebellion to cop out

Ok so objectively i’ve been told im kinda smart.

But i HATe:

  • Consumerism: the fact that coz of a hard childhood upbringing (seeing death, having no money from a young age, living in social housing, fighting, violence, drugs)
    Means sometimes spending money makes it easier to live. Literally.

    So the endorphins released when spending are like a drug: Amazon, nike puma (all use low overheads tenet to produce cheap goods eg child labour to produce shoes or shitty quality of life for mundane workers to ship us our shit we don’t really need. This is the dark side of life. U must be content with what u have
    u must shop around
    and never overspend

    It’s tough. People like to be sedated: drugs and alcohol kid us about the structure: 1% and the 99% force us to compare ourselves to others.
    So how about this. We all use social media for good.
    I propose only having good things in our social media content (cheap goods, no alcohol or drugs so as not to condone this behaviour but CHANGE it.
    CHange happens

    cool. So another thing i hate is structure: bullshit laws against drugs we were peer pressured into doing (an whilst on them undermining our agency coz u cant be trueky rational with THC in ur body, and our body craves for more) another thing this result is the bullshit of feeling powerless.
    Instead of im not a government lemme not do this think I am an individual in society witht he power to change.

    ADVERTISING is posion: that’s the cost of poison: making us feel inadeqaute so emotionally abusing us: tailoring ads to things we can’t afford and shouldn’t even really buy.
    Then there’s food we should and can sometimes grow our own but instead we feel we must always buy and never share: instead always share and never buy where possible,
    Now i am also aagainst the idea of wasted potential so as much as we lean on oru crutches or feel powerless we must and should share and use our gifts for good: someoone at some point is always a buyer, no matter what they’re selling
    I argue this is pseudo-freedom coz we’re not free to buy whatever we want nor should we be.

    So get ur priorities straight and get some sleep

    – Haricut
    – asketball

    Go through notepaper like it’s toilet paper

    Don’t watch Mr Robot Do watch Sneaky pete

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