Poetry, Passions

A tameable appetite keeps you on your toes. Wise.
– Didn’t wanna start like a lecture, in fact didn;t ken how to start at all.
– Following this windin’ road, not nowing where it goes.

– Student libraries and only spending 20 a week, times were hard but we forget momentarily
– My mind like a race so I learnt to treat it more like a marathon

– Love what u do and ul do what u love, work aint always gotta be difficult.


  • Used to feel suicidal coz we had floods in our houses, guess these lot never had mouses in their yard
    – Disadvantaged youth turnt misguided young adult.- Zulu. Postcolonial slumpI never thought id see the day when i got paid for writing.
    All that matters is family, weed (watch the law), relationships, recreation, alcohol and chillers. Billin time killin.
    Imagine how good at our jobs we’d be if we were sober more.
    Imagine how good good feels when u been feeling raw.I do shifty things for the rush
    Love Lunch
    Support network
    Support, network
    God is good,
    But not always to the hood
    Structure and agency
    U wont catch me complaining b #problemsolver

    It feels good to be good
    Yet feels too good to do bad

    What’s life if ur not learning/earning mentally/physically

    Hands thickened by labour while thhey stroll their dog
    Quality of life got me being compared to a dog
    Dawg, shits wrong but God watches on
    So for u my mistakes I wrote this song
    Or is it street poetry
    There’s beauty in the change but change keeps on throwing meCut it out before
    it cuts u it hurts
    But u still make it work

    Hands thickened by labour,
    All praise to our saviour
    Was lost now found
    prolly go lost again for a pound

    Money Town

    How u mean it’s al that matters to u? Misguided youth


  • write
  • shower
    Fresh PrinceDont let ur mind become too tough
    U had dreams beforeDont
    Layin clothes out for the morn
    Fold clothes
    Or roll, baccyUnrecognised anger
    U aint never gonna burn my heart out,

Buy less
Ask more

R u a leader or a follow

Organise ur work space well, and ur workspace will work well

Peace and prosperity

Exhausted make it work. Give urself a break

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