were made to be followed
institutions, work

Institutions work, at time  sure they need reform but still dont throw the baby out with the bath water n all. U know what ur getting into so stick at it and take steps.

Boom, read the book ‘Stoner’ (not about what u might thnk lol) too it’s a cracker sick book


Here’s a page He had not seen the Footes before, and he felt weird seeing them so late. THey greeted him with a nod, inspecting ..After {sstanding awkwardley in the doorway, Jim Foote mentioned him into a small dining room. With overstuffed furniture and bric0a-brac furniture on dully gleaming tables. He did not sit.
‘Et supper’ Foote tasked.
‘No Sir’ Stoner answered.

Mrs Footee crooked an index fingetr towards him, “here’s my wife now” he thought.

…. some white wine late: Feed amd water tje ;ovestpcl. s;p[ tje [ogs in the mud Foote said

Abd oeioople used to say nothing was for free ha

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