Change it


– Move away from cars and useless shit (cheap cars bareable but cmon tube and bus?))

  • Love and live the life u want to live not others.

    Break a promise only if its more in u/ur people dems interest.

    – Be polite, respectful and talk good.
    _ Give people a chacne

    As someone told me in Trainspotting 2 it gets boring being this mundane “middle class” person so we love to get fucked up. BALANCE. DO BOTH

An idealists’ ideal world

Structure: especiall ecnoomic strucutre, consumer power – not just purchasign power, but chocie, options. Cheap, low price and high utility as well as healthy and locally sourced goods.

More leisure like art and music, and their place in society of higher merit (that means defending subjects liek anthropology in conversation, at university,

Also, option to grow ur own food on weekends.

Also, 9-4 so shorter working days maximise productivity and give value to un-measureable things like family.

Cant measure. And, any1 with a job can afford a good life really, if we go off of needs not wants: food and shleter. done.

SO sort aut the hosing crises.

And less peaks and trophs in capitalsism just sustainabl,e reliable industries with no too much on the low overheads just ethicla

I can use rebellion to cop out

Ok so objectively i’ve been told im kinda smart.

But i HATe:

  • Consumerism: the fact that coz of a hard childhood upbringing (seeing death, having no money from a young age, living in social housing, fighting, violence, drugs)
    Means sometimes spending money makes it easier to live. Literally.

    So the endorphins released when spending are like a drug: Amazon, nike puma (all use low overheads tenet to produce cheap goods eg child labour to produce shoes or shitty quality of life for mundane workers to ship us our shit we don’t really need. This is the dark side of life. U must be content with what u have
    u must shop around
    and never overspend

    It’s tough. People like to be sedated: drugs and alcohol kid us about the structure: 1% and the 99% force us to compare ourselves to others.
    So how about this. We all use social media for good.
    I propose only having good things in our social media content (cheap goods, no alcohol or drugs so as not to condone this behaviour but CHANGE it.
    CHange happens

    cool. So another thing i hate is structure: bullshit laws against drugs we were peer pressured into doing (an whilst on them undermining our agency coz u cant be trueky rational with THC in ur body, and our body craves for more) another thing this result is the bullshit of feeling powerless.
    Instead of im not a government lemme not do this think I am an individual in society witht he power to change.

    ADVERTISING is posion: that’s the cost of poison: making us feel inadeqaute so emotionally abusing us: tailoring ads to things we can’t afford and shouldn’t even really buy.
    Then there’s food we should and can sometimes grow our own but instead we feel we must always buy and never share: instead always share and never buy where possible,
    Now i am also aagainst the idea of wasted potential so as much as we lean on oru crutches or feel powerless we must and should share and use our gifts for good: someoone at some point is always a buyer, no matter what they’re selling
    I argue this is pseudo-freedom coz we’re not free to buy whatever we want nor should we be.

    So get ur priorities straight and get some sleep

    – Haricut
    – asketball

    Go through notepaper like it’s toilet paper

    Don’t watch Mr Robot Do watch Sneaky pete

Poetry, Passions

A tameable appetite keeps you on your toes. Wise.
– Didn’t wanna start like a lecture, in fact didn;t ken how to start at all.
– Following this windin’ road, not nowing where it goes.

– Student libraries and only spending 20 a week, times were hard but we forget momentarily
– My mind like a race so I learnt to treat it more like a marathon

– Love what u do and ul do what u love, work aint always gotta be difficult.


  • Used to feel suicidal coz we had floods in our houses, guess these lot never had mouses in their yard
    – Disadvantaged youth turnt misguided young adult.- Zulu. Postcolonial slumpI never thought id see the day when i got paid for writing.
    All that matters is family, weed (watch the law), relationships, recreation, alcohol and chillers. Billin time killin.
    Imagine how good at our jobs we’d be if we were sober more.
    Imagine how good good feels when u been feeling raw.I do shifty things for the rush
    Love Lunch
    Support network
    Support, network
    God is good,
    But not always to the hood
    Structure and agency
    U wont catch me complaining b #problemsolver

    It feels good to be good
    Yet feels too good to do bad

    What’s life if ur not learning/earning mentally/physically

    Hands thickened by labour while thhey stroll their dog
    Quality of life got me being compared to a dog
    Dawg, shits wrong but God watches on
    So for u my mistakes I wrote this song
    Or is it street poetry
    There’s beauty in the change but change keeps on throwing meCut it out before
    it cuts u it hurts
    But u still make it work

    Hands thickened by labour,
    All praise to our saviour
    Was lost now found
    prolly go lost again for a pound

    Money Town

    How u mean it’s al that matters to u? Misguided youth


  • write
  • shower
    Fresh PrinceDont let ur mind become too tough
    U had dreams beforeDont
    Layin clothes out for the morn
    Fold clothes
    Or roll, baccyUnrecognised anger
    U aint never gonna burn my heart out,

Buy less
Ask more

R u a leader or a follow

Organise ur work space well, and ur workspace will work well

Peace and prosperity

Exhausted make it work. Give urself a break


Buy some fizy drinks for energy, just like school.
Love what u do, banter with ur friends, just like school.

Treat work just like school and ul be cool.
As a assistant teacher i learnt kids are very intuitive and bright but dont be shy ask n ye shall receive, and moretime make sure ur reading and being assertive dont be shy

Dekay, ‘9th Element’ : an album reviewed.

The 9th element:

Ironically, the writing could a been clearer. But graff aside Dekay has got an impressive back catalogue of work.

But first off tracklist “6am: Good morning (Track 1) good stuff, nice crisp start keep it moving
– Alarm n go ‘u aint never gonna see me die’ powerful hitter from the female spitter. Young vibes. Hungover feel. Angry, aggy, calmer as it goes on no pauses; u aint allowed. Treasure to trash b! Carried away, good wordplay, at times a little un-unciation issues but I cant chat I can barely type English never mind speak it! Blowing up, good theme for Dekay’s progress, metaphorically decribed as a grenade. Good hook, seamlessly faded in. Big up on the production.
– Good morning im ready for u all. This track definitely feels like u could bounce back, say ur walking with ur beats then suddenly someon1 pops up shouting ud be baffed but with this track I feel more resilient, like ud get back to u business in no time despite external negative circumstances.

Good opener

9am; Food to eat – powerful title: food fi eat withhhhh a reggae beat (8). I loveee the street, this got that neighbourhood ‘steel blues’ feel: coz ur blue coz u from ends, but u steel still coz u bounce back and ur disadvantage can become ur biggest advantage and “feel like im breathing out smoke with no cigarette” at times but na u gotta stay strong. “putting products back on the shelf u cant afford to buy it” real anthem feel to this and the hooks something special, good social commentary from midi there. Pain. 4 stars for this one. In my opinion, the hook coulda been a little slower but u live n learn. “ I hate being so poor dammit../ whats so tragic is I cant even afford to buy organic”! is some classic  dekay, turn it up for a hater shitttttt. TT. Rukas is a little fast, I mean unless ur an Eminem on ritolin-kinda fan, and I do know hip-hop heads who like that fast stuff but im more mellow now-adays so we’ll let that pass. Bars starting with “Be a saint” is a solid 4 bar though but I’ve heard much better from Rukas lyrically, is my personal feel. D and Midi smashed it and id almost want a reggae spitter or singer to round it off/wind it down u know. #1.1 needs a remix to be honest

12pm Beat depression, not the best time for it 😉 but u get the analogy uve got ur day going, but there are unseen obstacles also known as life, and they get in the way a ickle but u overcome them.
Nice, soothing vocals from D that are almost unrecognisable, “Got haze” OOH THIS TRACKS GREEZY U KNOW – sorry, the flow made me rewind it. Cool, so so far this is the 5 star flow I love to hear. This to me is like a reggae two step meets hip hop snares. It’s a bounce u smell me. Block life aint fun, but it is what u make it and round here we need dope shit coz they try take away our voice sometimes. Its almost a cry for sales/employment. U forget about money, but paradoxically realise how much she deserves money in my opinion. Moreover, beating depression is the thematic of this particular track so I’ll harshly give it a 2 for not addressing the nitty gritty of mental health issues. But SC kills it. Absolutely smashes “give it all I got” keep it trill SC. Bangladeshi bars with a nice Westernised flow. Global. Nostalgia toward the end. And then u almost wish the track was a little shorter as it fades, but this said fade does play as a particularly good interlude, especially the final hook going in to the last song. #2

3pm my personal favourite^ Stand your ground – do ur own thing, be convicted in ur beliefs and ‘a tree with strong roots doesn’t move in the wind. 3pm immediately got me nodding my head on a lot a bounce. I feel like the instrumental is hands down the best I have ever heard from Dekay, nice subtle scratches and HAM production once more. Sitting here, wheeled it sorry one sec. With my hands, like a spear in my hands something something couple grands. It’s a nice little 2 step once more with droany hooks. Realllllllly nioice. Track speaks for urself. Particularly uplifting. Another paradox is addressed: the contemporary feeling of “feeling blessed” but almost like an oxymoron we still cant get rid of the stress. Very clear wording from Dekay she did as she said “get it right” there. Hats off. GOALS. Go Overcome All Losing Symptoms: treat problems as obstacles; go inside – we’ve had homelessness, drug addicts, looking at the sky with a baby we really want to do well, we’ve had youngers beefing olders, violence and drugs but now we still look at the same sky as u. Bob marley-esque social commentary here: there’s more than meets the eye and this is MORE THAN MUSIC CAH if u know the person behind it.
Listen to this then read this

4;30pm from the train window. Dopee title, good aesthetic on the page and sonically has a good ring to it. Fuck judgement, we travelling. VERY NICE instrumental and introduction, sampled tube announcer saying “next stop….middle of nowhere” then it gets a bit dark, then it gets a bit excellent story telling proceeds. Ings. Went in. Really glad I have the digital download and physical copy here now coz im streaming it in the background of my laptop and it does it proper justice. #3 In this life, and the next. This is some crazy synths and it feels like people are shouting at u but u don’t really care. I think its about not listening to much and just being present, not talking too much, and just zoning/daydreaming – that’s what music’s all about right. Good background track.

6pm Haunted House- I hated this track so I just skip it on subsequent listens, sure il get something new/good out of it 1time  but is what it is u lot decide for ur self. Cold, dark room with me in my zone to just listen to this.
9pm. Something to fight for – if u fall for anything ul stand for nothing. Gotta have something to die for, passion rings loud n clear on this one folks. Good #4. Noice stuff. Space, context. Headphones, real demographic. Space. Needing more. Gritty shit just pay the bills. #5 #6. This album transported me to the future, whilst reflecting on the bad past, but like everything our brains don’t let us to facilitate the comprending of true pain, its fine after its done. U survived every1 of ur bad days so far so crack on u suicidal prick.

12 am – a lil – Cuba Libre featuring Chas who is. But yeah ery1 needs a little Latina once in a while u smell me. If this was a tweet it’d get countless retweets. I’ll give it 5 star for fitting in, but feeling like it could be on another mainstream artsy-fucker album, like Rihanna meets ed Sheeran u know. 5/5 because it’s a ham beat, it should be used again and really. Not much has changed, and if u close ur eyes it feels like nothing has, but whilst some things never change  open em and some has. Ur passions grow and this is personified by the aptly timed “cheers here’s a freedom light” – excuse me whilst I light my ….. 😉 Do ur own thing but be collective more time. Altruistic sorta singing this girl is really giving more to the audience and some musicians right for themselves 90% of the time, but this is really a 10%er – it’s for the audience message more than for her cathartic. Imo.

Ultraviolet. We don’t drink for the taste often round ere.

3am Dreams: and what a time for them too. (Track 9) impressively short.
Maybe this album helps with ur dreams, shit. Little nephew on the beat. Sounding a little too much like the bed commercial for my liking but then it gets to be dark DARK DEEPER song. We all make mistakes, but nothing stays the same and we learn and grow. Skies are shiny is reminiscent of a drink and drug-induced haze. But shit, dreamings better than being awake nowadays.

Altruism – Someone please do it

Jumping on a grenade to win the victoria cross, small acts of kindness etc

so boom, i rekon there should be a Hollywood film about a guy getting rich, but get this – he gives all his money away. Imagine a fan blowing dollar bills onto the more normal, or humble, of our population below. And yeah shit it owuld be dope, now that’s what i call a TAZ.

Anarchism, is more than just a clothing movement.

Cool, so yeah other minor plot details cold involve getting a dog and a baby and looking after both equally and lovingly

The illusionment of entrapment

Really though.

So, there are two types of barriers: physical, and mental. I would argue the mental ones are more important.

So u got told “u need money to spend time at a place” they were wrong but ite cool they;re entitled to their bs so cool. Now this might actually negatively effect ucah ur going cinema and what not because u perceive the physical barrier of money as a discincentive to go outside. But just do it ; u get over ur lazy ass mind and train it

Then what happens, u realise u dont have to listen to nobody or no1 ever again and have strong roots in ur beliefs so they cant be shaken.

Then shit, a walk is always free.
mind over matter ting

The only thing they cant take away from u is ur consciousness


were made to be followed
institutions, work

Institutions work, at time  sure they need reform but still dont throw the baby out with the bath water n all. U know what ur getting into so stick at it and take steps.

Boom, read the book ‘Stoner’ (not about what u might thnk lol) too it’s a cracker sick book


Here’s a page He had not seen the Footes before, and he felt weird seeing them so late. THey greeted him with a nod, inspecting ..After {sstanding awkwardley in the doorway, Jim Foote mentioned him into a small dining room. With overstuffed furniture and bric0a-brac furniture on dully gleaming tables. He did not sit.
‘Et supper’ Foote tasked.
‘No Sir’ Stoner answered.

Mrs Footee crooked an index fingetr towards him, “here’s my wife now” he thought.

…. some white wine late: Feed amd water tje ;ovestpcl. s;p[ tje [ogs in the mud Foote said

Abd oeioople used to say nothing was for free ha