TO reverse economic leakage

Boom ba,


  • Cool so cruel companies like BP unfortunately are like a legacy of neo-colonialism – they rob NIgeria of its oil resources and economic leakage is where the bosses are white euro-centric folk predominantly so they make the profit but the market of Nigeria doesn’t, Britain, and the other homes of the big cats do. Coz thats where they live n so spend their money on bottom-up shit like sainsurys having vvat so consumerism dierectly contributes to a governments taxation budget n thus shcools education roads n healthcare n shit etc. Look up more i aint no economoist
  • – Cool n also so uin my humle opinion i humbly suggest we could reverse this trend by giving , through western union n our parents n shit, mail and money to our relatives in the edeveloping world, or give to ccharity, or buy products shipped from afar šŸ™‚

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