Dont be divided in humanity

Let us not scapegoat members of racial minorities as ‘coons’ and too ‘white’ when they make money and shit: in order to change the game u gotta play the game so make money AND stand up for social justice, redistributiton of wealth, our homes the periphery nations getting EQUALITY, freedom, MATERIAL EMANCIPATION, leisure, healthcare, work/employment, fair governance and government, joy happiness, and impartial governance.

Speaking of impartial governance why not have tax breaks for all (middle/bottom earners) not just rich. ENemies of todays world: those not trying to progress/better themselves, super rich ((not even seen in media, almost dehumanised coz they retired or just phone call workers where do none of the graft but make all the money coz they own the office/warehouse/school etc big management and non-human people dem they own the means of production so they own the pens we try to write with so how we gonna win when we’re essentially leasing a pen, a school, some drills to build, a factory to make clothes, etc).

People need some support networks. Unfortunately, in Capitalism: someone must be standing for u to sit: there is a fundemental interconnectedness between employer and employee (as there should be with work and worker). But, some bosses forget this and cause NEGLIGENCE: selling a company with no research into the next buyers other than how much money they’re offering: U DICKHEAD; that just results in pepole losing jobs: these people are God-fearing and have families, and needs like hunger and leisure hobbies and pleasure. Now i aint mister nice guy or on no perfect tip and i want money too for my needs so all im saying is pay ur people dem fairly n u eating dont mean u cant share: the cake’s bigg enough for both of us and all im saying is if i got a cake i sure as hell aint eating it all: even if i take two slices for survival and my family im giving one slice to some1 earning it from me and eventually they can earn 1.5 slices for a share and fair /even slice if they put the work in, help with quality of life and are genuinely just a good deservent person/ Or the people who work in finance and dont give to charity or no1 like they’re just shallow they’d rather LOOK good han be good.SOrry mate dont think louis vuitton’s helping fight the battle against cancer or world hunger.


To eat

To not worry
to leisure
To sleep
To have a home
To have water. That’s it.

Human human-made division is what fucks us. I rekon even some animals are happier than us: so are we really the ‘mamal’ that’s superior? Dolphins and cats seem to have it pretty cushty so we better evolve quick. Sociall


= Solutions: allow workers to OWN things: e.g. factories, building sites, carwashes, supermarkets/newsagents, boss man,; Ur own books paintings and creative things: make a youtube channel that’s urs for skating etc possibilities are endless just get right rich people to buy it.

Change demand: dont all be buying too expensive shit, give to charities and redistribute wealth t o ur family memers and those who need it most coz capitalisms a zero sum game so white pepole got nearly all the money now factually and wont help UNLESS THEY give to charity and support real poorer people’s businesses. So nip down the cafe will ya. ThEY HCREATE JOBS MATE>


  • All a that all a that just to ramble. Help Bangladeshis and periphery countries coz that’s ur home: get a job and send a little money saved up (save a macflurry 1 a couple times a week 1 x 2 = 2 4 weeks in a month so just two macflurries less n u saved 8 nugg a month g and then that s 96 quid a year: adds up right.

    Dont get me wrong still treat urself, just treat others a little better and cut back on urs for the GENERAL WILL or common good which aint always the way u think u see it.


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