Developing World

NBal Watch out for my poetry posts coming this summer!
= The developing world, and the problem : phenemona of new slaves

Slavery is now illegal but BUT still still prominent in the ‘shadow economy’ legally and formally not allowed but illegally and informally fucking thriving mate – i think my professor said it’s now even more prominant a phenemona than when slavery was legal in the 19th century. FUCK. Cool. so boom thing the point is that these peeople work for nothing and are either prostitues or fuckin trafficked around the world for shite jobs like farming n that. Capitalistic perpetuations of businessman trying to keep overheads low THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO DO THAT not people. NEVeR COMMODIFY PEOPLE pPL

INFRASTRUCTURE: it’s lacking there, in the developing world, it’s NEED versus us here in the developed world its GREED : greatest hapiness for greatest number of people and supply-side problem means yeah maybe legalise, or atleast decriminalise prostitution in the west if the girl voluntarily doing it, likes sex and making money from it and is fine with that morally then yeah cool ok bang. D THen boom in the West THERE ARE CHOICES THERE aRE options eg we have a welfare state

NO DEVELOPING NATION IN THE WORLD HAS A GOOD WELFARE STATE HOW SAD IS THAT. now u see the problem is the structure not the people. ‘Criminals’ are just normal people don’t de-humanise them like the super rich they just wanna feed their families and boom. COol Then what to do (Owners of schools, headteachers owners of universities historic lines of socialites wasting money and time in equal measures) cool un so they just fuck up for social reasons in favour of business, ECONOMICS base ones.: so coz overheads are needed to be kept down for MARGINS n PROFIT MAXIMISATION then what u need is boom bang academic scholarship to read it alll.. nthen they dont have choice so do it to make ends meet n that.

GOV INFRASTRUCTURE N JOBS. how bad is the government and economy that peole need to turn to slavery n shit ; so heres jhsome structural solutions

=- Alleviate some developing world debt so that frees up tax revenue and government resources for job creation like infrastructure projects like schools,n roads, u know ACTUALL fUCKIN PRIORITIES, n then boom bang essay after lunch shower laundry. SO can get shit and welfare provision.

Jobs : microfinance, tourism, industries to grow to create an upward cycle UPWARD CYCLE not a downward one. Cool, welfare state help – choices socio-economic problems still arise but people HAVE OTHER OPTIONS.

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